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    Art Munson

    Hey all,

    You have probably run across Adi Gold here on MLR. Not only is Adi a fine composer he also writes some very useful software. One of my favorites is his AG Watermark Generator. It really cuts down on a lot of my time when creating preview files. I also use it to create plain MP3s by substituting a “silent” preview file.

    Adi also has which is free and I use it constantly, very handy.

    Adi now has a new sample software company with a new product called “Synthophone” which is based on the vintage toy ‘Stylophone’.

    To be honest I didn’t think I would be much interested in it but I was pleasantly surprised. Adi did give me a free copy to try so what did I have to lose. I liked the user interface and it was easy to understand and tweak. I also liked a good deal of the sounds, especially the arpeggiated stuff. Very, very use-able and for the price of $24.99 I would have purchased it.

    There is a special discount for MLR folks.

    Here is the Sampelso link and code :
    Coupon code :MLR15OFF

    Full transparency here. It is an affiliate link so I do get a small taste. 🙂

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    Art Munson


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    well done to Adi. really nice guy and really enjoy his style.

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    Thanks so much guys for your kind words!

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    Hey guys,

    I’m thrilled to announce that our latest library, FloppyTron is out now, you can check out the audio demos and videos at


    And don’t forget that we have a special 15% off coupon code for all MLR users: MLR15OFF

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