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    Hi all,
    Definite newbie question here.. I’ve been approached by a company that wants to promote my music by distributing it on their streaming service, promoting it, etc., and (more importantly) taking publishing rights on it.

    I declined the offer, as it seems to me like it wouldn’t make sense to have to create what seems like ‘exclusive’ tracks, just for them, that I couldn’t place in libraries, which is my goal.

    Now I’m second guessing myself.. is there any benefit to joining up with agencies like these? (Rehegoo Streaming Platform is the service I was contacted by).

    Thanks in advance for any advice

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    Hmmm. Sounds to me like “you trusted your gut and it doesn’t feel right”..

    Plenty of Fish in this Sea. Does it feel to you a tad “desperate?” Sounds like it..

    I have been passing on those too, with no regrets..

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    thanks for the reply Beatslinger, I feel sure it was the right decision now! Gotta watch out for all the leaches in the sea..

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    lynn samadhi

    Hi, I work with Rehegoo. I saw that you were offered a contract! I got mine last year and after careful consideration I decided to go ahead. First I was worried about same things as you mentioned but it worked out great! The company is pretty cool and it helped me to get noticed. I managed to leave my day job and live from profits I made thanks to Rehegoo! I’m really grateful for the cooperation!
    Shame you decided otherwise!
    Good luck with your music

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    Sounds like this should have been a Private Message. Looks like advertisement..

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