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    Hi all,
    Definite newbie question here.. I’ve been approached by a company that wants to promote my music by distributing it on their streaming service, promoting it, etc., and (more importantly) taking publishing rights on it.

    I declined the offer, as it seems to me like it wouldn’t make sense to have to create what seems like ‘exclusive’ tracks, just for them, that I couldn’t place in libraries, which is my goal.

    Now I’m second guessing myself.. is there any benefit to joining up with agencies like these? (Rehegoo Streaming Platform is the service I was contacted by).

    Thanks in advance for any advice

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    Hmmm. Sounds to me like “you trusted your gut and it doesn’t feel right”..

    Plenty of Fish in this Sea. Does it feel to you a tad “desperate?” Sounds like it..

    I have been passing on those too, with no regrets..

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    thanks for the reply Beatslinger, I feel sure it was the right decision now! Gotta watch out for all the leaches in the sea..

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    lynn samadhi

    Hi, I work with Rehegoo. I saw that you were offered a contract! I got mine last year and after careful consideration I decided to go ahead. First I was worried about same things as you mentioned but it worked out great! The company is pretty cool and it helped me to get noticed. I managed to leave my day job and live from profits I made thanks to Rehegoo! I’m really grateful for the cooperation!
    Shame you decided otherwise!
    Good luck with your music

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    Sounds like this should have been a Private Message. Looks like advertisement..

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    II have been contacted by a marketing person also. I Already have my music played all over the world on internet. But not making any money. If I could make money I could finish some well written songs that I think would sell. I do not want my music as a compilation. ALSO I believe you can choose non exclusive rights instead of exclusive. Need to find out about that .

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    One comment in this thread really does look disengenuos and fake. Similar to a paid Amazon review or something. I’m hoping that I’m wrong.

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    I’ve been working with Rehegoo for a while now and actually Roger is correct. You are able to choose non exclusive rights instead of exclusive. It’s been good, so far I can’t complain. I’ve released 2 singles with them and am working on a music video for one of my songs. It hasn’t been a long cooperation but I’m pretty happy. When it comes to questions about contracts, I think it’s best to speak to the person who e-mailed you, especially if you’re not sure what terms they’re offering you.

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    The fact is to stay in business Rehegoo needs to make money as most of us do after the money and time we spent creating our vibe. No one out there is doing anything to really make you money for free. Look at what they are saying up front and carefully look at the contract. Seem like they are fair. If in question contact your music attorney.

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    I would have to agree some of these comments sound disingenuous/fake. Not something I would want to be a part of, for sure!

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    I agree. I like forums that show “joined date” or “number of posts” alongside your username – helps us all filter out the obvious commercialism. I don’t want to cast aspersions towards someone who posted a lot in the past, or who has been a member for 8 years that I don’t know. But if you joined yesterday and have one post and you reek of infomercialism, well then, all bets are off. 🙂

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    “Looks like advertisement..” Sure does.

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