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    NY Composer

    Hey Guys,

    I basically have been writing instrumentals for years and do everything on my own.

    I am branching out to more Pop oriented genres and would like to have my friend sing on my tracks.

    We already agreed that we would not do work for hire due to that fact that between us, we have different publishers that can open new doors for both of use with sync and back end.

    The actual question is how do most Libs handle dual writers? I asked one of my Exclusive publishers that said that I have to submit my track with my friend singing, then they have to approve the song and he has to be approved with the Lib as a composer too. Then they can split money to our PRO’s. Is this the only way? Any other methods? Is it different if we sent the track to Non-Ex libs?

    Lastly, where do you Draw the line were a person has “Co-written” a song with you? If I write a hot instrument bed and he thinks of a vocal hook, did he in fact co-write the piece? What about Lyrics and vocals? Seems like it’s and obvious co-write?

    If I confused the S*&T out of you, please let me know 🙂 .

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    Michael Nickolas

    Most libraries want the co-writer to sign the agreement, including non-ex like Crucial. In RF it usually doesn’t matter, just make sure to distribute sales income according to your agreed upon split.

    You should sign a co-writing agreement with your friend that spells out exactly the terms of your collaboration.

    If I write a hot instrument bed and he thinks of a vocal hook, did he in fact co-write the piece?

    Before the Pharrell Williams court decision, I always understood a copyright is made up of lyrics and melody. So yes he did co-write, if not entirely write the piece, as far as copyright goes.

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    NY Composer

    Thanks for that insight Michael..

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    I brought in a couple of friends as co-writers because they are excellent guitarists.
    Before we did anything we agreed to do a 50/50 split on everything, including alt’s that didn’t include their guitar playing. We also submit each track exclusively. This was just to keep it simple.

    They had to sign an agreement with the publishers. I did all the uploading/tagging etc through my account and listed them as 50% owner.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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