The manipulation behind "music briefs" for exclusive libs.

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    great post Beatslinger. thank you for sharing your positive experience.

    btw what was the theme of the album of 15 songs?

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    Hello there DannyC. There are actually several “CD’s” that I have put together. I go for “Themes” that either create a lane, or put a unique spin on a specific genre of music. I have noticed that certain styles of music are not being represented in popular music form. I simply put a new spin on it while keeping the original essence.

    Let your mind wander freely, and remember this.. “Once You know music, and how it works; your ideas are LIMITLESS. What ever your mind can dream up YOU can achieve with a little ingenuity; and a DYNAMITE MIX!!”

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    thanks for the great insights! It seems to me that just like in the “regular” music business, the necessity to adapt and foresee market developments is what makes a successful music industry professional. Or like Bruce Lee would say: Be Like Water!

    I’m very new to this business, but I recently exclusively signed 21 of my first 80 tracks to 3 libraries where I had developed a personal relationship. I also had to turn down 1 track offer by a non-ex because I don’t agree with their wording of a non-ex deal/retitling that still claims some sort of exclusivity to my album artist track, especially if audio content recognition will advance at some point like it can be expected to.

    In any case, @LAwriter, I’d love to extend my offer to buy you coffee/lunch when I come to LA on Nov 12. Your insights are highly appreciated. Greetings from Austin TX, Ulrich

Viewing 3 posts - 46 through 48 (of 48 total)
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