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    Hey Guys,

    Been a while since I shared some music here and just wanted to post a recent writing exercise I had the chance to work on last week. I tried writing a track in the style of Thomas Bergensen with tons of frenetic energy, harmonic changes, etc.

    Hope you enjoy and any comments/criticisms welcome!

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    Hey Benjamin,
    I don’t know a thing about writing like this, but have to say, I simply love it!


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    I like it! Great writing. Interesting you said Thomas Bergersen though – I realize he’s done some music like this, but to my ears it’s that classic score sound that just about anyone who writes for modern family adventures adheres to. Newton-Howard, John Powell, Gregson-Williams, Christophe Beck, and a lot of lesser known guys writing for animated TV shows.

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    Tom Rae

    This is excellent ! Which libraries are you using?

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    Thanks Jesse!

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    Glad you liked it Tom! In answer to your question, a lot of the sound is actually just from the orchestration/counterpoint!

    Cinematic Strings 2
    Berlin Woodwinds
    Spitfire Percussion/Harp
    Strezov Storm Choirs

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    Thanks so much, Mark and I truly appreciate the kind words!

    I’m a huge fan of your work and had no idea you were a member here! Concerning style, I would have to agree, and you pretty much nailed some of my musical influences (save Williams, Newman, Silvestri, etc.). I know family adventure music may not as popular today as more ‘epic’ stuff, but I absolutely love the genre and find it to be so much fun to write!

    Again Mark, thank you and I just started out writing trailer music a few months ago, so your comment really means a lot!

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    Mike Marino

    Good stuff, man! Some of that orchestration reminded me of fellow composer Robin Hoffmann. Certainly can hear the influences mentioned above as well. Keep it up!

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    Appreciate the generous comparison, Mike!

    Robin is a fantastic composer and a great guy in general. I actually mocked up one of his pieces last year and he was nice enough to offer some advice. Robin, along with Benny Oschmann, Hendrik Schwarzer, Sasha Knorr, etc. are some of my favourite composers!

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