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    Has anyone received GEMA royalties from 2017 performances? A colleague and I had a track picked up in Germany that has been running hundreds of times per month since 1/1/17, according to Tunesat. We are with ASCAP and we don’t know the timetable for receiving GEMA payouts. Our client gave us very detailed information on the titles, various edits, codes, etc for this ad, which we submitted to ASCAP. Our client also indicated they were submitting cue sheets to GEMA, and everything I saw had proper authorship and publishing info. We have not seen any royalties yet, so I was wondering if we are in sync with other MLR members who might be in a position to cross-check when we might see these royalties. Any info would be helpful. Thanks to MLR!

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    This may not be the same for ASCAP but as a member of APRA they advise the following distribution timetable…


    Performed between January and December……..The following October for radio and TV

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    Art Munson

    I could be totally off the mark here but I was under the impression that foreign royalties are a year and half behind. I’m with BMI so that may make a difference.

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    Sincere thanks for both replies!

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