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    yeah Roscoe, my fault I’ve been using the 15 sec alt as an example, and maybe I went a bit off topic since we were just talking about stingers here.
    I hope the meaning about being a bit “flexible” with starting and ending point was clear anyway.
    Then I totally agree, it’s also pretty much depending o who you are working with and what they needs are.
    Mine are usually shorter, from 6 to 12 sec usually, and most of the time I am using the final of the song.
    Thank you Roscoe for giving me the chance to clarify!

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    THANK YOU for posting your thoughts & practices! Your wisdom and experience is greatly appreciated from this newbie…

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    keep rocking Josh!

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    Maybe I’m way off base, but I have never thought about the length of the file . Rather, I time the sound waves within the file. The file may be 15.5 seconds long with .5 secs of dead space up front, but I would count it as a 15 sec track. I think the production engineers visually align the beginning of the sound wave to wherever the music entry point is. I usually give about a .5 sec up front so the engineer can see precisely where the wave begins. AFAIK, that practice has not hurt me in placements.
    Also, I have found that if I begin the file too close to the beginning of the wave, I get a slight pop at the beginning. The half second allows the wave to naturally open.

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    Thank you. Yes i think I was being too literal with the length. It’s not the file length so much as it is the actual music in the file.
    I haven’t yet had any placements yet so I am sure it’s correct to say that the sound engineer is would trim the file as necessary
    so leaving a bit at the beginning and end should be ok.

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    I would agree with Art Munson with the 1/128 buffer
    But I encoutered problems with some samples library, mainly tempo locked loops from some kontakt libraries that have some problems to start exactly at the right time if there isnt enough space between the start time and the midi note triggering the loops.
    Mainly this doesnt happen with all DAWs, but sometimes it happens with Cubase.

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