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    Hello all, first off I apologize if this has already been discussed but I didn’t find anything when I searched for it.

    I was just wondering if any of you use either Tunecore or CD Baby and if so, has it been valuable to you?

    Tunecore’s Music Publishing Administration seems like it could be helpful but I just don’t know enough about it to pull the trigger.



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    Happy Ears

    Stay away from Tunecore, that admin deal is exclusive and they basically just collect an admin fee for doing nothing, There have been many comparisons charts out there on companies like that, just google it but I’de go with CD baby over Tunecore but there might be better ones depending on your needs.

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    check distrokid..best deal going and quick to add your music everywhere..

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    Overall, I still think CDBaby is the best one:
    – You can actually call CDBaby with any questions.
    – CDBaby sells CDs as well as downloads.
    – you pay CDBaby once and that’s it. DistroKid and Tunecore have an annual fee where if you don’t pay, they’ll take down your music.
    – CDBaby and Tunecore can pay via Direct Deposit. Everyone else is Paypal only, taking a cut out of every payment.

    Tunecore is a close second for me, there’s an annual fee but they don’t take a cut of sales. If you’re selling a lot, it might be worth it going with them.

    Here’s a good comparison:

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    hi Mark is this the new strategy for you and other established artist in selling your music? i.e. cut out the middle men spotify/itunes and selling direct to your following?

    i think it makes perfect sense, if more and more artist start doing this then the digital stores will have to take note and stop robbing artists of making a living.

    the only thing that gives these places value is the music from the composers on their platform. if all artists start selling direct then they will have to start paying out fairly. i guess you have the luxury that you have built up a big enough following over the years to take this approach.

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    Hey Danny!

    is this the new strategy for you and other established artist in selling your music? i.e. cut out the middle men spotify/itunes and selling direct to your following?

    CDBaby and the other companies still send your tracks to iTunes, Spotify etc.

    In fact looking at my sales, CDBaby.com sales are just 4.5% of what I’ve made from public sales – the other 94.5% is iTunes and a little from Spotify and Amazon.

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    interesting. i don’t know many people who buy from iTunes these days, most people i know have switched to the streaming services such as spotify. surprised to see your revenue from iTunes so high. that’s a good sign at least although i would say the trend in the future maybe that those percentages are reversed between iTunes and spotify.

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    Wow, thanks everyone!

    Looks like I have some research to do but I am happy to hear that some of you have found success with these types of companies.

    I appreciate your insight as always! This place is the best

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    Danny Truitt

    most people i know have switched to the streaming services

    In addition to iTunes downloads, both Tunecore and CD Baby can put your music on Apple Music, Apple’s music streaming service. CD Baby has a good brief overview of Apple Music here: https://members.cdbaby.com/apple-music

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    Or anybody else who would like to weigh in on answering my question….if you don’t mind, do you have a strategy for promoting your music so you get listeners on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc.? I’m a newbie, and I released 2 singles through CD Baby, AND TuneCore. I’m just going to various sites, subscribing to sites that will play songs through radio (Air Play Direct, Radio Air Play), bought the Indie Bible, signed up with Music Library Report, and anything that will give me knowledge on how to create, and promote. I know it’s a long journey to get noticed, listeners, recognition, etc., so I’m not frustrated and looking for overnight success. I just graduated, in the spring, with my degree in Audio Production, and I start my bachelors in Music Production tomorrow. So while I’m creating, and promoting, I’m learning. Any advice?

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