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    I love writing music and spend many hours doing so, not to mention the then similar amount of hours it takes to mix, tag, upload it all a thousand times!.

    Being based in the UK though is a real pain when it comes to being paid. I’m nearly always paid in $’s as it seems to be the preferred currency for music, however, given the exchange rate, it can be frustrating.

    An example from AudioSparx.

    Track sells for $300 – I receive 40% which gives me $120 – After the exchange rate (correct @ 28.4.13) that’s £77.  Then comes tax and sometimes a paypal fee.

    I realize that the exchange rate is a real hindrance for UK composers. Are there any other UK guys who also find it frustrating? Does it effect your prices? The only way around it is to up prices, but that can leave you with less sales.

    Any time the pound suffers a dip against the $ this country it’s considered bad news, but for me  it’s totally the opposite!! 80% of my music earnings are in USD. Some would argue that prices are relative but I’ve spent tons of time in the US (I worked there for a while) and it’s a much cheaper place to live.

    Uk based libraries are much more difficult to get into from what my experience tells me too. I guess its just the way it is, but its utterly annoying when you see a track sell and the original fee be whittled down and down until you  get the least amount for the most work put in…

    Rant over!!




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