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    Hi all,

    I’m in Northern Virginia. making half a living at the library gig. Have deals in the US ,UK and Canada with various libraries. Enjoy the writing side although it can be frustrating sometimes. The business side I find ponderous. I think that’s where a lot of us fall flat. I don’t have an agent either. Hey but my wife always has good ideas!

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    Hello everyone!
    Have just joined MLR. I’m based in Birmingham, UK, and am new to production music, but am working hard to build up my catalogue and learn from the many wise heads on here 🙂

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    Hi Max,
    I am based in North Yorkshire. I run a small animation studio also a small recording studio which is mainly used for acoustic music. Some of the composed music has recently been placed in a media music library catalogue.
    I am at the moment producing a collection of acoustic pieces using a small chamber ensemble.
    I feel the situation re music use for media is very difficult at this time, particularly in the blanket license of music by companies. One of the reasons I got into film ( about 5 years ago now) was, I wanted to compose my own music for my own films. I started with children’s film animation and now documentary.
    I am trying to create my own niche and concentrate on writing music which is not popular…. I feel there are so many other writers who are better than me. However, I feel I am writing interesting music in my own chosen genre which is starting to gain attention. All the best. Look forward to a chat. Phil tunes.

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    Hi maxpower,
    I’m English too ! Born and bred in Somerset, now living in Ireland (so not far).
    I’m a lyricist, full time, working mainly in the sync industry. And like the rest here almost all my income comes from the USA etc, not the UK (small amount) or Ireland (very very small amount).
    I too would like to chat with fellow countrymen about this business.

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    I miss England…I was stationed there back in the 80’s at RAF St Mawgan…only been back once and it was just a layover on the way to Rome had me some beans on toast at Heathrow…[email protected] maxpower thanks for taking me down memory lane…I used to do all my shopping in Truro great city…all the best Cyberk91

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    Hi Max,

    I’m based in Cheshire (South Manchester). I’ve been producing library music since 2015; it’s my bread and butter and now allows me to choose which custom scores I take on. The majority of my library income comes from the USA.

    Best wishes,
    Jon Brooks

Viewing 6 posts - 11 through 16 (of 16 total)
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