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    Art Munson

    I was beating around the net looking for ways to deal with the windows 10 upgrade and ran across a nifty free program called GWX Control Panel written by Josh Mayfield. I also noticed another program he’s writen called “The Ultimate Plugin Tool” which fixes a lot of problems with various VST plugins and Native Instruments products. The Ultimate Plugin Tool will:

    1. Search your computer for duplicate plugin files, and for incompatible files in your platform-specific directories.

    2. Browse detailed information about your installed Native Instruments products, fix problems related to misplaced files, and move program content to different folders or drives.

    3. Re-arrange the Libraries tab in Native Instruments Kontakt, using record store-style sorting.

    Josh also has some other interesting music programs. Check them out here, http://ultimateoutsider.com/downloads/

    BTW Donations are appreciated so if you like the programs please donate!

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    Art Munson


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    Mike Marino

    Nice find, Art. Thanks for the share!

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    I have several old cues I did in pro tools m powered. I haven’t been able to open pro tools for years, it always crashes when it hit my favorite native instruments soft synth during boot up. It does open if that synth is not installed. Hopefully this will fix that old problem of me me. Thanks Art.

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    sounds interesting but Im scared to mess with my Komplete installation. I think I made a pigs ear of the setup over a year ago, and battery 3 is always looking for misplaced kits. No matter how many times I point it to the right directory, it still asks the next time it has files missing.
    It would be awesome if a program could just magically sort it all out.

    I also have problems with reaktor ens and ins and im sure they’re all saved in the completely wrong places, but my jury-rigged file structure works for the most part.
    I’d love to uninstall it and reinstall it all properly again, but at the minute it works, and it ain’t so broke that im tempted to wreck the status quo and make it totally inoperable =P

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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