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    Hi all, experienced composer/producer venturing into library music here.

    I am going through my session files of a lot of my unpublished music before submitting them anywhere, making sure there is nothing out of order. I have begun making a spreadsheet of samples I have used when writing tracks and double-checking the license agreement of said samples.

    Most seem to use the standard ‘royalty free when used in commercial music productions, but no distribution of individual samples or using them to create other sample packs’. I presume, as implied, that using samples under this sort of license is ok in library music?

    One sample pack producer stated in their license that library music production is forbidden, but a special license can be arranged. I contacted them and they seemed adamant that samples cannot be used in library music full-stop, even claiming the same applies to other vendors like Loopmasters (I cannot find such a clause in Loopmasters agreement, apart from one very specific series of sample packs)

    Does anyone else use samples in their writing? Has anyone ever come across any issues? What sort of samples do you use (one shot, vocal, melodic loop, drum loop)?

    I should point out that I never simply rearrange ‘construction kit’ sample packs, but I do occasionally use a vocal phrase or melodic loop in addition to one-shots.



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    Art Munson

    Hi Bill,

    I would say most production music composers use loops and samples in at least some tracks. Just be careful to read the license carefully. Generally stay away from Big Fish stuff though I have gotten some special exemptions from them.

    Best of luck!

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    Art Munson
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    Thank you Art, I appreciate that! Sorry for the delay in response, I missed the email so have only just seen this 🙂

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