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    Hi. I release tracks on Spotify and all the major DSPs. I’m wondering if any of these tracks would be suitable for music libraries, but can I submit tracks that I’ve registered with PROs and released through DSPs? Would it be better to write fresh tracks to submit to music libraries – and, if accepted, would the libraries register these tracks with the PROs themselves, or should I register them myself first? Apologies if this is a noddy question, but I’m totally new to this scene, so am trying to figure it all out. Many thanks in advance.

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    Tracks that you”ve already released on streaming platforms can be submitted to non exclusive libraries… As long as you have full ownerahip of the recording and composition. (Different librraies have different policies on public domain compositions and covers… Better to ask each specific librry what their policy is)

    Exclusive libraries need fresh travks and typically do PRO registration themselves.

    All the best!

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    5-pin DIN

    @hkm47 I just started writing for sync and everything in MM_Musicworks’ reply is true. I came in figuring I could just submit tracks I already finished, but realized I’m not going to get far that way.

    If you’re going into sync to make money, like enough to earn a living, submit music to exclusive libraries. Libraries always have specific kinds of tracks they’re looking for, and each library is different.

    So, a good first step: figure out the style of music you’re best at writing. Then make a list of exclusive libraries and look at their web sites. Each library is different, some tell you the styles of music they feature, others don’t. Most have links to songs in their catalog. So, get creative: look at the list of songs on their site…if it’s 80% EDM, now you know what they use a lot. If the list is 90% hip hop, now you know.

    Learn to use reference tracks to write new music for sync. This is not an industry where artists all over the map will get very far, unless they’re already famous. A request for dreamy hip hop might go out and that library will give an example of what they want. That example track is your key: write a new track using their track as a reference, and ALWAYS FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS EXACTLY.

    Learn to write well in at least two styles, and set a goal of producing music every day on a schedule, and treat it like a job. People who make a lot of money in sync usually write 2-6 new songs a week. That’s a lot, but it’s doable. You just have to work at it.

    Like I said, I just got into sync and I’m waiting to her if I’ve been accepted to sign with my first library. But all the things I wrote up ^ there I know from industry experience, and friends who already work in sync, and common sense.

    It can take a while to get going in sync, but it’s great once your name gets out there. Good luck to both of us!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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