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    Ha! I see Tunesat added a new feature – ‘get more detections’ on the free account.

    I had 989 further detections on my free account. I added them to the basket and to see the details of these 989 detections would have cost me $989.00 !!

    This is brilliant Tunesat! I am sure people will be rushing in their thousands to buy these extra detections 🙂


    Sorry I didn’t know where to post this. What does everyone think? Maybe there are people who would pay $989 to see their 989 detections for the month.


    Just got their update. Nice that we can now delete tracks if we want. But I don’t see this feature anywhere…?

    NOW YOU CAN BUY DETECTIONS WITHOUT A SUBSCRIPTION IN OUR NEW “A LA CARTE” STORE Get More Detections: Click “Get More Detections” in the upper right corner of your dashboard to purchase past detections “A La Carte” by month and territory with a subscription.

    Big question is… why are their subscription plans soooo expensive!?!?!!?


    No subscription needed? That seems pretty cool. Their system isn’t perfect, but they seem to be continuously improving and adding more value. Seeing those detections can be helpful in knowing what gets placed and what music to make more of.


    Yes….I also don’t see the “A La Carte” option. Are we missing something here?


    I just added and deleted a few tracks but no longer see the fingerprint new tracks option…?


    Anyone here advise how to contact BMI with past detections found on Tunesat? Can you email or call someone?


    I emailed Tunesat and here’s their answer. I still don’t see how to fingerprint or detect tracks ala carte….

    Hi David,
    Once you log into your account you will see the “Get more detections” button located on the top right of your web browser. If you still do not see it you may need to clear your browsers cache.
    As for the fingerprinting of new tracks, you will still need to this. We have a new drag and drop system where you simply drag the tracks you want fingerprinted into the browser.


    Here’s what I found out about paying to add more detections:

    Once you get over the 50 free detections allowed each month, then the option to buy more will appear.

    Art Munson

    Anyone here advise how to contact BMI with past detections found on Tunesat? Can you email or call someone?

    Start with the library that placed the music if you don’t have access to the cue sheets as they may have already have an established relationship. If calling BMI ask for the TV dept. Nashville is the main office but they have offices in L.A., New York, Atlanta and Miami in the U.S.


    Some are in other countries so not sure how easy it would be to contact/speak with them. I’ll call BMI soon and see what they say. Thanks.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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