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    I didn’t want to start a discussion about how fingerprinting might be an issue with re-titles. I hope we can stay away from that whole can of worms.

    Based on the input here that the manual processes are as error-prone as stated, I was simply asking the question if we think electronic means would be *more* or *less* accurate? More Advice: You’ve raised some issues as to why electronic detection may have problems. But if (let’s speculate) it was 75-80% reliable, would that be an improvement over the manual methods?

    Just food for discussion about accuracy. Nothing hot or controversial, LOL

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    More advice

    I have no intent to get controversial and I have cues in 3 places that place my works so I also have no interest in a shift fingerprinting our master waves or AIF’s.

    In my mind, I honestly believe that a human being with a stop watch, watching the show, and a list of cues in a spreadsheet is the best, most reliable way to document cues on a show. This is exactly how a pro music supervisor said she does her work.

    So what is needed to make this work properly?

    1. A human Being doing the work of watching and listening to the show
    2. A stop watch
    3. Eyes
    4. Ears
    5. A spreadsheet containing the list of cues used and who wrote them and published them.

    This is all my opinion, but like I said for those of us who have the SAME cues with 2 or more publishers, It is NOT in our interests to see the human being taken out of the process of creating cue sheets. That will never work anyway….IMHO.

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    Just to add to the discussion, the Australian PRO APRA has moved to digital detection/watermarking for advertising jingles. As a lot of us know getting paid decent performance royalities for tv/radio ads is difficult. It’s a good move, but at present it only applies to custom cues specfically written for commericals. But it’s a sensible step forward for a pro that doesn’t actually provide any detail of usage on their statements…

Viewing 3 posts - 21 through 23 (of 23 total)
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