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    Hi Guys,

    I am actually looking for an alternative to this plugin due to install issues.  Not Waves please.

    First off I should state that I write a lot of music that needs to sound great on small speakers, so my intentions are to have bass that speaks properly on laptops/iphones/androids/etc.

    I have aventones.

    I know that there is no magic bullet for this other than great mixing…..

    But……that said……..any and all suggestions welcome!






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    I have never used Waves MaxxBass so I don’t really know what it does and cannot recommend a good substitute.  But with regards to general mix translation tips…

    I find, when mixing the bass guitar (or whatever your main “bass” instrument is), that I always end up EQing in waaayyyyy more high end than I expect will sound good.  Soloed, the instrument sounds odd and not very “bassey”, but in the mix it fills out nicely and speaks well on small speakers.

    Another trick I sometimes use (and this is pretty specific to bass guitar) is to duplicate your bass track and do a heavy rolloff EQ on each, so that one track is JUST the low end and one is JUST the high end.  THEN, add some distortion, saturation, etc to the high one and blend it with the low.  This helps add some grit and pressence to your bass without muddying it up to much, and it has definitely helped the instrument speak better on small speakers.

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    Thanks for your insight…and yes, I was aware of the bass low vs. high doubling.

    And as far as that plugin, my impression was that it is a Harmonics Exciter for low end…..on a mix, not specificly just the bass instrument.

    Since there was only one response, I think I see how valuable people think that plugin is.







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    @John…yes Maxx Bass is psyhcoacoustic plug used to create an overall sense of bottom, kind of like an exciter.

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