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    Just a quick thing

    i had this for a while and had not used it

    I think it’s amazing

    i had tried the maxx bass by waves and its old and rubbish in my opinion so ignored the newer one – but oh my god is it good – it adds some kind of pleasant bass that sounds so professional – sounds like an amazing mastering tool – I’ve tried it over a mix and its excellent but within a mix its maybe a bit better. On kick and bass separately.

    just wanted to mention Waves RBass as for me it’s a glowing plug in – something that will alter my sound forever now.

    so for pointless info ! –

    using on bass line and one on kick drum

    then on main master – just a little / then low pass filter cut 30 / then the glue compressor ( I know crappy comp but I’m using it ) / then sonnox limiter – getting a major big sound almost as loud as the loudest people I know – really seems all down the r bass as I can alter the mix according to how the r bass is changing the audio

    prob others are using it and I’m last to find out about it ! it’s not like bass enhancement of eq nor excitement bass – hats of to waves for this plug

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