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    from VI control


    We are pleased to announce the upcoming launch of Wavestash, a new cloud solution for composers, producers, and artists to help manage & monetize their music!

    With Wavestash, you will be able to upload your entire collection of music (in any format) while retaining any embedded metadata. You can also edit your own tags and metadata through the web interface, or upload a spreadsheet. Whether you only need general tags like ‘artist’ and ‘track name’, or deep tagging like BPM, genre, subgenre, ASCAP #, etc., all this information will be stored in your personal, searchable database.

    For example: say you receive a call from a client looking for soft, emotional cues. With Wavestash, you can access your catalog from any computer or device and simply search your own tags for terms like ’emotional’, ‘soft’, ‘quiet’, etc. Then, you can create and send custom playlists or downloads in any format you choose – while maintaining all metadata. If you’re submitting to a music library or publisher, this makes the task much easier!

    Lastly, you will also be able to monetize your catalog. By enabling direct licensing, you can turn your database of music into a slick, searchable licensing store. Media creators and clients will be able to browse, search, and pay for licenses in one interface – all with no middleman or intermediary. We’ll of course have options available to tailor your pricing and usage rights to your preference.

    Sign up for the Wavestash mailing list to receive a beta invite when we are close to launch. Your feedback will help shape it!


    mmmm could be interesting

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    Andrew’s a good guy. This could be very interesting.


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    Art Munson

    Devil’s in the details though. I find that the charge for the cloud storage in these kinds of sites is usually high. I’m using LicenseQuote.com which is similar but I’m able to use Amazon S3 to store all of my files. Makes the cost much more affordable.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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