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    Has anyone here switched PROs (specifically to BMI from ASCAP)? One aspect in particular I’m worried about is any gap in royalty collection.

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    So, Ascap told me I was going to be made whole for cue sheets on close to 50 NHL games (going back to 2018) this quarter. After review of their email, I’m unsure this is going to happen. Do you think the Sports networks are basically not paying this quarter? Or, hopefully just paying late? Maybe the delay is due to these particular networks working out some sort of deal with ASCAP? I’ve got to imagine the money coming in from all these hugely popular sports leagues has got to be tremendous..

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    Here’s a piece that I hadn’t thought of. Got info today from somebody I trust in one of the major satellite/cable companies.
    The majority of this company’s revenue comes from hotels – not from residential. With the shut-down of the hotels, the hotels are not paying their license/subscription fees to the satellite/cable companies. In turn, this company has stopped paying the networks its license/performance fees.
    It makes sense that most, if not all of the satellite/cable companies make their revenue from hotels – and are probably in the same position. ASCAP’s letter starts making a lot of sense. The networks have seen the revenue from some of their biggest customers dry up. So they will have to stop paying the PRO. ASCAP’s letter indicates that this has already happened.

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    I’ve got to imagine the money coming in from all these hugely popular sports leagues has got to be tremendous..

    Some of the sports channels don’t pay out any royalties – as far as I know, any ESPN air time is almost always a direct deal (no royalties), not including when ESPN has a broadcast through one of the networks. Others like BTN are surveyed into oblivion.

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    Do any US channels actually pay royalties ?
    The more I think, US channels are really defrauding world composers by using an awful lot of music from all over the world and all over the world music libraries don’t pay a penny. If you are a US composer and get one cue used by an unknown Swedish channel in advertising, that US composer gets paid in 6 months.
    That’s really pathetic.

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    @ unique place – The Majority of USA TV Netwoks and Cable TV Networks do pay PRO’s who in turn do pay writers back end “performance royalties”. In the USA we have a lot obscure networks that barely anyone watches. Who Pays?
    Fox, Fox Sports, Fox College Sports, Fox News
    Animal Planet
    National Geographic
    Cartoon Network
    MTV, VH1, Comedy Central, VICELAND, BET, Spike, TV Land (all VIACOM Properties)
    TLC Networks
    History Channel
    Motor Trend
    NBA TV
    Teen Nick

    TV Networks that do not result in back end performance royalties (again from from my experience looking at statements)?

    Big Ten Network (Owned by Fox)
    ESPN (Owned by DISNEY – SHAMEFUL!!!!!)
    SCRIPPS Networks
    NFL cable networks – perhaps BMI pays for these networks
    Univision – A Spanish language TV Network
    Telemundo – A Spanish language TV Network

    Here is a good list that breaks down each network into categories; news, sports, scripted tv, premium movies, lifestyle, variety, factual, kids, etc….


    Keep in mind that there are “conglomerates” controlling the majority of TV networks – Disney, Viacom/CBS, NBC Universal, ATT/Time Warner, Discovery, Hallmark, FOX Corporation, Sony – These behemoths typically pay.

    There are a lot of religious/ faith based, random local networks that are small and obscure and not really “on the radar’ that do not pay as they have tiny viewing audiences.

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    @uniqueplace US networks pay pretty well in my experience. I’ve had great payouts for library usage on NBC / ABC

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    Great… but in my case it’s terrible, PR on US channels. I’m not affilated to ascap or BMI but in a European PRO.

    This is a list of ad i had last christmas 2018 (same ad)
    60 seconds AD

    NBC : 3 airings (mostly afternoon)
    ABC Family : 14 airing mostly afternoon and 2 airings around 8 pm
    ION : 3 airings mostly afternoon

    AMC : 12 airings mostly around 5-7 pm

    ABC : 2 airings at 6 pm

    TBS : 13 airings morning / afternoon

    For Network : 1 airing

    BET : 1 airing

    Spike TV : 1 Airing ??Comedy Central :1 airing

    TLC : 4 airings (3 morning and one evening )

    Hallmark Channel : 2

    Could someone tell me a ROUGH figure of how much i can expect for these airings ?

    For now , I got around 2 dollars from my PRO. Yes you read it right, 2 fuckin’ dollars!

    I’m 100 % writer share and publisher got the publisher share.
    This will help convince my publisher to do even more work to try to get the monies.

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    @ uniqueplace – We need a lot more details. So far you calculate 50 air dates, but TV commercials often run well over 1000 times in order to have an impact at all. What brand/ service/ product was being advertised on this TV spot?
    Can you post a link to the ad if it’s on youtube? or I-spot TV?

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    Unfortunately, I can’t disclose any information regarding the brand to preserve my identity. The only thing I can say is it’s a pretty famous brand. Yet, it’s true, the commercial was only aired about 50-60 times during last christmas. It’s a small campaign in the US…
    The same campaign was aired a lot more in other countries in the world, Canada, UK, Spain, Italia, Germany, Netherlands, Japan.

    But in terms of impact, 60 airings on national networks, IMO.. Should get a lot more money than 2 dollars.
    If i compare those numbers of airings on US channels to the same numbers to comparable TV channels in UK for instance, for a 60 seconds AD, afternoon and evening, then the figures should be around 4000 dollars.

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