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    Hi MLR folks!
    Sorry for the caps in the title, but I’m in the up phase of my manic cycle…(haha)

    Been composing for a… long time. (When I started to put a number on it, kinda scared me a little, so we’ll stick with LONG time.)

    Cut my teeth creating MIDI orchestrations for musical theater. A great way to hone skills. Money was decent as well.

    I have very much enjoyed reading comments from you all and have learned a great deal. Very much in awe of those of you that got started early on with the library scene. I’ve been picking at it for the past decade, but I’ve finally got my sleeves rolled up and my hands dirty. Very committed to working this ever changing field of the music industry.

    Anyway, my music is all over the place because of curiosity and necessity. I love hybrid orchestral stuff and I love straight up song writing and I love the whole idea of groove creation taken to it’s limits. I’ll post some things soon because I would like to get some wisdom from some of you music sages, especially in the production quality area.

    Anyway, looking forward to making some new friends and chatting up our muses! Which sounds like either a good name for an Indie band or a self-help book for musicians…

    iiWii in ATL

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    Hi there, and Welcome “Manic” iiWii

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    Hehe, thanks, BEATSLINGER!

    Here’s a track I have on P5

    And another I am prepping to post elsewhere

    NOTE: no donuts were harmed in the production of this track.

    Any feedback appreciated…


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    Sounds Great! I like that You’re getting “Good Emotions” in your work!.

    As well, nice to hear something “Not So Typical”.

    Good Fortune to You! I don’t say luck, because “Luck has nothing to do with anything and it’s all about being prepared when opportunities arise!”

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    Thanks for taking the time to listen, BEATSLINGER!

    And amen to the “luck” quote…very much in agreement with that.

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