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    Hey there MLR community,
    Back with another question.
    Out of all the placements you have recieved, which one was your personal favorite?

    Extra credit for those who want to share how the placement came about and maybe even share a link to the placement.


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    I once received an email from a prophet telling me they were using a track I wrote for their religious ceremonies.

    This placement was pretty cool too – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h3jLRhttb5g

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    I did a cue in 2012 that in 2 1/2 years had made me about $30 in back end for one CMT placement. I had an $850 surprise PRO payout in Nov 2014 (writer/publisher combined). All I know is the track has to date earned me $1,100 in back end from Denmark in the past 6 months. I have no idea what it used for, but it has paid radio, internet and TV back end, both writer and publisher.
    Whatever it is, it’s my favorite ;~)

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    When I drive, I often listen to the news. Almost every day I hear one of my tracks on a psoriasis commercial. Chances are it didn’t make too much $$, but this track made a killing in many other placements as well. Seeing/hearing your track paired with a product still has some level of awesome for me.

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    My favorite placement so far was for Atomic Skiing 2015 campaign,last October.
    It was a flat fee license type,close to $3K.The original version of the track has a bit different ending,they asked for a more dynamic,crescendo style ending to compliment the images and they even offered me another $400 on top of their 1st offer for that special edit.
    It has also been placed several times in various shows (i think i got around $250-300 from backened royalties) and played by dj’s in NBA games last winter (don’t know yet what the royalties will be for that or if it was also televised).

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    Michael Nickolas

    Fun topic! I would say a feature film that used a track of mine for source music recently. Me and my wife drove out to the movie theater to see it on the big screen! It’s streaming on Netflix now.

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    My favorite so far was a track that was used on the 2014 Revolver Golden Gods award show when they were announcing the nominees for the most dedicated fans. Starts around the 14:30 mark.


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    I’ve got two favorites. I like these because they were on shows that my kids and I just watch because we enjoy them. Brain Games and The Voice. It was pretty cool because the kids have heard me work on the cues and they recognized them as mine immediately.

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    I had a cool one with one song being used 3 times on one Saturday Night Live episode. It was a parody of a Lincoln Financial spot. They did 3 versions with a different lead actor each time ( Jason Sudeikis, Bill Hader, Ben Stiller). I would never have envisioned this usage for this tune, but as we hear here on MLR you just never know where your tunes might end up. Here is one of them

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    Cool thread idea! My first placement is still my favorite – a song of mine was used in a scene on Californication as the music David Duchovny’s character is listening to in his car. From memory I was paid $3500 upfront and have probably made more than that in backend over the years – that show has literally been screened in countries I’d never heard of. If only my other placements were that sweet!

    For anyone who remembers the movie Broadcast News, there is a scene where the Albert Brooks character is supplying the anchor with dialog over the phone during a live broadcast and after watching the anchor read his dialog almost verbatim on his TV he says almost incredulously “I say it here, it comes out there”. Watching that first placement on TV was a bit like that – “I wrote it here, it comes out there”.

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    This is a recent placement. Pretty cool use. Only wish I knew what they were saying! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZMZwsyLA2Q

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    I may have a new favorite. I have 4 year old non-exclusive that has not made ANY money even though it has made it into Crucial among others. There are now 28 cue sheets for it in Un Nuevo Dia (a Telemundo soap opera) from 12/2014-02/2015 and they keep coming in. The total run time so far is around an hour and forty minutes.
    A previous placement in that show only paid about $18 for 3 1/2 minutes, so I don’t expect a huge payout. I think it will pad my next few statements nicely though.

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    The track I mentioned last summer on Telemundo just paid out nicely. Placements in 32 episodes (so far) has paid out over $700 in back end. Most of the placements run between 4 and 7 minutes and all add up to a little over 2 hours. I sure hope it continues!

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    Art Munson

    The track I mentioned last summer on Telemundo just paid out nicely.

    Congrats! I find it hard to get much money out of my Telemundo placements.

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    I got a 10k one (backend and PRO) via JP. It was for a promo, no idea where, as it was pre my Tunesat account.

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