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    Probably has to be the Toyota commercial I got on and I am still not sure which track, Was last July I was notified, got a $240 upfront payout, and I am assuming it was an exclusive track. If it wasn’t, it was probably a track called Blue Streak which is among my most sold tracks in various versions to date. Might add it was a tailgate party (?) ad which implies it was possibly one of my more redneck tracks since this library only has about 12 tracks or so of mine.

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    Rob (Cruciform)

    I have this hybrid dubstep cue that keeps getting used on UFC. The Ronda Rousey weigh-in, the finale and so on. Not a UFC fan but I get a buzz every time another use shows up on Tunesat.

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    Art Munson

    I’ve mentioned this one before but we have a simple little bass and drum cue called Happy Hip-hop that’s been placed over 1600 times, according to Tunesat. It’s probably more as Tunesat doesn’t catch everything. From low end cable networks to major networks as well as quite a few sales on RF sites. Probably our hardest working cue.

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    Girlfriends guide to divorce on bravo. I got 1,000 up front and should be some decent back end. They used a cue with vocals.

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    +1 on the show “Brain Games.” I’m in several episodes, and it’s an educational show to boot!

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    Colin O’Dwyer

    Let’s see…a track was used on two separate episodes of The Voice. That was cool… and a recent track on Nascar was fun, but my favorite is an exclusive track with a library that paid me upfront $500 for the track. I kept the writer share but relinquished any sync fee, entitling me to backend only. It has been airing on some unknown show in Hong Kong. It pays out about $300 every international ASCAP statement. It’s an alternate tuning fingerpicked acoustic track.

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    This is a really interesting thread. I think my favourite placement so far was on the movie trailer for David Duchovny’s ‘Louder Than Words’. Not my favourite track – it was one of my first – but seems to work fairly well in this context. Was also a real boost as it was at the beginning of my foray into the library music world. My track comes in at 0:57…

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    I have a simple country hoe-down track which I did on Garageband about 7 years ago. So far it’s been on about 15 episodes of “American Pickers”. This one little gem contributes to 75% of my back-end royalties. It’s the gift that keeps giving… 😉

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    My first would be a few simple acoustic western “cowboy” tension cues used on season 2 of AHC’s “Gunslingers.” Lots of reruns means lots of royalties!

    Second, exclusive simple piano-based tension cues currently being used on a long running soap opera (25+ years!) in Belgium called “Familie.” Probably no reruns but lots of episodes and payout is pretty decent.

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    This one for me was awesome to see. I didn’t even actually like this track but you never know.

    <iframe src=”https://player.vimeo.com/video/162908979?color=ffffff” width=”640″ height=”360″ frameborder=”0″ webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe>
    <p>Signs of Light from Eric Paré on Vimeo.</p>

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    Hayley Moss

    My favorite was a Nationwide spot that licensed an old track of mine… it aired like crazy ended up getting around 40k backend a couple of years later… totally surprised me!

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    While I haven’t had any big high profile type placements so far (maybe some day) , the placement that actually affected me the most was having had a track embedded in a toy for handicapped kids. Don’t know what toy or where.
    It’s hard to explain but that really put some things in perspective for me in a very personal way. I got almost nothing for it money wise yet somehow that was the most valuable placement I think I may ever have on more of an emotional level if that makes any sense.

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    Fun topic! I have a few but my favorite right now is the most recent which was is a national ad for AirHogs DR1 drone racing (toy). Best part? It includes the phrase “batteries not included”! Ha!

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    Great topic. Reading all these makes me want to quit whining about the state of the business and keep on going!
    I had an extra seven thousand pounds on my PRS statement this quarter for a tune used on a 20 second ad for a French optician. You can hardly hear the track in the background! I presume it was downloaded from Pond5 or somewhere similar as there’s no publisher listed on the statement – even better! So at the moment that one is my favourite.

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    Great topic idea! My best placement money wise was for USPS with PA back when it was still a 50/50 split. The license was for $30,000 as long as the song wasn’t used for any other mailing/shipping competitors for a year. They renewed the license for another year after that but PA changed their split to 65/35. Still ended up netting about 30,000 for one song in two years! The commercial is still on youtube if you search for “USPS Hacked ad”.

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