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    Unbelievable! I didn’t realize you could make that kind of money on one placement.

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    Michael Nickolas

    Yeah, back in the old days PA (if we’re talking about the same co.) used to command some dollars. I’ve posted here before about receiving a $5,000 payment meaning they collected $10,000. How things have changed….

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    My favorite was a 30 second cut down that made the opening scene of Black-ish. (Season 1’s Halloween episode.) And I landed a whirlwind of cues that have been making recurring rounds in the last 60-70 episodes of Ink Master. I’d say I’m proudest of those, but the Black-ish placement is the most fun…

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    I was having a hard summer with my dad getting out of the hospital while my fiance went in. Right in the middle of the storm, I received a call from my publisher saying I had placed a handful of tracks in record time and to watch the today’s Today! Show. I turned it on and sure enough it’s Al Roker dancing like an idiot to these Brazilian tracks I made. It was the first time I saw my music on TV and was such an incredible feeling. Right when I was in a slump where I would make music and submit but would never hear anything again, I got that placement, where I could show friends and family. That was an awesome day in an otherwise horrible summer.

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    I did this Seinfeld-ish Hail to the Chief last year for a music call. Tunesat pick up this placement today (U.S. Presidential Inauguration Day). I don’t expect much money, but I sure got a laugh out of it. 😉

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    My favourite placement so far is on the documentary film “Atlantis Rising” produced by James Cameron on National Geographic (finded via Tunesat). No sync fee, no royalty yet (BMI). Very interesting, what National Geographic payment rate?
    My track from 0:21 to 1:46.

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    Michael Nickolas

    No sync fee, no royalty yet (BMI). Very interesting, what National Geographic payment rate?

    The largest amount for a single play on NGC from my last statement was $3.02 for 44 seconds.

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    I had a recent placement on Showtime – “Circus: Inside The Greatest Political Show On Earth.” I actually watched this series when it came out, but had no idea my cue was on one of the episodes. A happy surprise. This Is my current favorite placement.

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    I had about 10 minutes of music used last fall in a 2 hour History Channel special called White Supremacy: Going Under. Backend was nice but unfortunately, it’s probably not something that will air a lot.

    I also got a kick out of having a bunch of tension cues used in every episode of a new series on Science called Hacking the Wild.

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    A few favorites. My best single track so far seemed to be a track originally called Dinosaur Shake which got a ton of plays on the Big Ten Sports network, on the various football and basketball shows.

    One gift that keeps on giving on E!Tonight called Runaway Models keeps bringing home the bacon, er, bits.

    My first was a Toyota tailgate party track I have never been able to track down, all I know that the library contacted me to let me know the had money for me.

    Blue streak has been picked up by every library to date. So has Whiskey For Your Sons, they both seem to consistently land somewhere almost yearly. And both car company , er, returns.

    While not garnering a lot placement, I am very hyped on getting almost 60000 streams of a track called Bossa Me on Spotify, courtesy of AS, and between Spotify and RS streams am pushing to get over 100,000.

    In general, I have a lot of collaborations with a composer on here – he knows who he is and can identify himself as much if he choose to – that I am very excited to see what they do. I know some of the best music I have out there is in partnership with this gentleman.

    I’m not naive so I know it is not going to buy me a new car – or possibly even a car tire but who know – but my 23 year old former self is in here somewhere saying “I knew it!” when I hoped back in the eighties to have song on MTV, in this case a TV show called Catfish.

    Maybe not the holy grail, but after going on 5 years, 29 shows, 331 episodes, several RF sales by now and growing…we’ll see where this goes.

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    Hehe,i’m the lucky guy to work with Chuck.
    I’m also eager to see how these tracks will perform.
    First signs seem very promising anyway,we still get repeated placements from 1 track on Tennis Channel since early April!
    According to other MLR members,repeated placements on this network pay very well but better don’t make any assumptions.

    Since we’re on it,my recent favorite placement was a track used on the 2017 film “Extortion”.I watched the film a few weeks ago and was pleased to see they used my track twice in the movie.The track was actually purchased from AS so,it wasn’t big money but it was my first film placement anyway.Hmm,i hope i’ll see some back end money from tv broadcast in the future…

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    Alan Curtis

    My fave was NFL Opening Night on Thursday Night football about 5 years ago. NY Giants were playing and I believe they featured Victor Cruz salsa dancing. They used an electro salsa composition of mine. I never knew about the placement until after it aired so i never got to see it. I believe it was thru JP and was a Prime Time network placement

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