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    I’m a Swedish composer that recently signed with 2 different libraries in the US.
    So far a handful of tracks have been accepted at each library but no placements yet.
    I use my local Swedish PRO, STIM where I register the tracks myself after the libraries (which are with BMI) has registered them in the US.
    From what I understand this should be enough for me to receive payments for any placements that might happen?

    Now, recently I have been reading about W8-BEN tax form and I wonder when/if I need to submit this?
    Would I need to submit that in order to receive payment from my local PRO?
    …or is that rather if I would earn any upfront fees?
    Would I fill it out and send it to each library that I’m working with?

    Grateful for any clarification on this!


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    Art Munson

    Use this link. Been discussed here before. https://musiclibraryreport.com/search_gcse/?q=%20W8-BEN

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    I’m from Italy and I only need a W8-BEN for those few American libraries that require one for tax purposes. Payments from your PRO are unaffected by that. If they don’t ask you for one when you sign the contract with a Library you won’t need one. In case you need one, you’ll probably have to get an ITIN number too, from the IRS.

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    Thank you Art,
    I did a search for “W8-BEN” here on the forums before I posted my question and learned a lot, but did not find answers to my questions. Sorry if I posted this in the wrong place

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    Thank you mikevan, I really appreciate it!

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