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    Yes, so why use the pseudonyms when any library can see those pseudonyms via a PRO lookup? Is it thinking /expecting a library will be thrown off course when seeing a pseudo on the RF site, they won’t look /investigate further at the PRO info?

    When they check you out to sign you or register a cue they will easily find out.

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    The ones I have worked with, never asked or cared. I just try to keep both sides as separate as possible.

    Same here.

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    I’m confused. Are people saying that higher end libraries won’t accept your unique, exclusive tracks if you have OTHER tracks in re-title or RF libraries? I would think they only care about the specific tracks they are signing.

    It is quite normal for a composer to have a diversified catalog, some music in RF, some in high end exclusive, etc. but not the same tracks in both.

    I would **THINK** it would be rare for any library to turn down tracks because you have other deals for different tracks.

    Am I missing something?

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    I know of at least one big ‘PMA’ library that has such a beef with RF sites that they say (at least publicly) that they don’t work with composers with music in RF libraries.
    If you ask me, it’s a pretty mean stance to take. RF has helped so many composers make the move from dabbling and doing it as a hobby to a significant income stream, or even moving into it full time.

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    I’ve heard about that one PMA library owner’s public statement. AFAIK it was not about RF libraries specifically, it was about re-title libraries. He said he won’t work with composers who have music in those NE/RT libraries. However, I’ve also heard he doesn’t necessarily follow through on that. I know composers who have had music accepted into his library and have other tracks in NE/RT libraries.

    The bottom line is I wouldn’t worry too much that putting tracks in NE/RT or RF libraries will affect your ability to put OTHER tracks in high end exclusives. That’s exactly the diversification that works for many who make a living at this. 😀

Viewing 5 posts - 11 through 15 (of 15 total)
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