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    Hello Mates!
    2019 has come and its a good time to set the goals. May i ask you what is your most desired music library where you would like to be represented as a composer? On my radar is : MusicBed, Marmoset, Warner/Chappell, Universal, APM.
    Who did i miss?-)

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    Happy New Year to ALL!

    If I asked for another Library to represent my work I would just be being greedy. I need to be responsible, and give others an opportunity..

    Dance Card is Full.

    Honorable mention to Extreme Production Music. It more than likely would be “One of the only Production Libraries I would consider”.

    *** Footnote to New MLR’s *** I understand that “these times seem VERY desperate, and there seems to be a frenzied rush to get into Production Libraries before this whole thing closes around you”. Just know the truth. “As long as there is a product, campaign, video/stream, or media that needs to be pushed to the masses. Music will always be needed!”

    As well, asking Veteran Composers/Writers to give you information on successful libraries; is like asking a Gold-Miner where He/She got their biggest nuggets.

    It’s funny to me. Here We are inside of “The Treasure Chest (MLR) and people are asking where is The Gold?!” Trust me, it takes about 2 years to get the research, and watch closely as the Production Music Veterans chime in & and give “their candor”. Just observe, and grow!

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    BEATSLINGER, thanks for your reply .

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