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    I came across a library here in Germany that offers two license models to their customers: a commercial one (starting at 19EUROs) where there will be NO advertising on youtube and a private one (for free!) where there WILL be advertising on tune. You can choose these options for each and every single track. Has anyone any idea how this could possibly work? I mean the audio fingerprints in the Content ID system must be identical, right? Their website does not explain this and I am reluctant to buy a track just for testing 😉

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    Mark Lewis

    Has anyone any idea how this could possibly work?

    The library would simply turn off the monetization on the videos for the customers who paid a fee and leave it on for those who don’t.

    You should ask them directly though if you are thinking of purchasing from them.

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    Hi, thanks for responding but I still don’t get it :-S Where is that switch to turn it off? I am not thinking about purchasing from this library but rather about copying their system. I am monetizing some of my music through Audiam and I think they don’t let me “whitelist” any youtube chanels. Plus, I would like to find an easier way to offer this option. Can you elaborate a little bit more on this?

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    Dailey Pike

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