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    I opted out with Crucial. They made a mistake and put one of my tracks in it so I saw a royalty statement. It was for $0.001
    That is not a typo.
    I suggest you opt out.

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    NY Composer


    Thanks. I think you helped me make up my mind real fast :-).

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    The whole process was pretty long with several dead ends. I’ll post the full story if you or anyone else thinks it would be useful.

    It might be really helpful to know what the dead ends were, and what ultimately did the trick!

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    Hi Alan,

    AudioSparx definitely has made extensive efforts to try to resolve the problem. We have contacted Warner Records repeatedly both via email and phone calls. We have had I’m certain not less than at least 30 different communications with Warner trying to get in touch with someone who would help resolve the problem. This includes from me and other staff members here as well.

    We have continued to get the runaround from Warner mostly it seems due to their own confusion at Warner about who would be able to help with the problem, and their own lack of familiarity with how YouTube works, and a failure to acknowledge that they had in part in the problem or its resolution. We have actually escalated it to Warner’s legal department and have been still working on it. This has been going on for several months and has been complicated by various people at Warner going on summer vacation.

    To portray this as AudioSparx having been unhelpful is not an accurate representation of the situation in our view — you are simply not aware of what we have been doing and the roadblocks we’ve been hitting.

    I’m glad to hear you got it resolved. It was by far one of the most complicated YouTube Content ID-related situations we have encountered in all of our years in business. Now that it is resolved, we will close the case out.


    Lee Johnson">

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    Dailey Pike

    I’ve been writing about this for a while.

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