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    Can anyone comment on how writers can make money here?

    I can only assume that music is being supplied to this library so writers can make money from youtube videos.

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    Check this out:

    Why would anyone serve their music up in this manner?

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    It depends. If the people making the music get paid handsomely upfront to create the songs, it would be worth it. Otherwise, it wouldn’t make sense to participate.

    The songs would pretty much be copyright free for anyone to use. There would be no backend money. That is why anyone adding music to this service would have to get paid upfront and forget about the music.

    This type of job does not seem beneficial for most full-time professional musicians. But someone able to knock out some cool music quickly for one upfront payment could benefit.

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    Maybe it’s somehow hooked into the content ID system in a round-about way? Other than that, it doesn’t seem immediately obvious how one would get paid from this, unless as Desire says they’re paying composers up front (I doubt it though!)

    To put a more positive spin on it .. maybe the availability of this music to Youtube users might mean fewer people going to RF libraries for cheap web-video licenses, which in turn might mean those libraries start to focus more on higher-paying placements instead?

    … No? Too optimistic? ๐Ÿ˜›

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    Ah right.. I just logged into youtube and it looks like some of the music is being provided by one of the big popular music libraries listed here.

    So maybe they’ve struck some deal with YT to use the music?

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    Chuck Mott

    I would imagine that even idf they did somehow not involve content id the payments would be so small to not make it worth it. And give the erroneous impression that your track may be or may somehow get caught in the shoe content id mess. Which is different then outright selling the track and having someone use it in their YT video.

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    Mark Lewis

    This option has been available for quite a while now and composers or labels get paid via youtube contentID.
    It has already been discussed as actualsizemusic points out in a thread from a major library. Everyone was afraid that the library in question had entered everyone’s music into the free music system when it turned out to only be their in house composers.

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