Why I Love Writing Production Music

I was running through my Tunesat account the other day and was reminded once again why I love writing production music and today’s technology that makes so much possible. As I looked at the networks running our music they included shows about swamps, country music, rappers, Latin culture, zany reality shows, episodic TV as well as major network placements. (more…)

Amazon Glacier – Inexpensive Cloud Backup, 1 cent per GB!

We have talked a number of times about the best practices of backing up ones data. Currently I have I have three HD backups of everything and I rotate one of those drives offsite to a safe deposit box. I was using an Amazon S3 account to back up data to the cloud but soon realized that while the price was reasonable for small amounts of data, large amounts would be too costly. Enter Amazon Glacier. (more…)

Pro Tools 10 – Review

by Paul Bordenkircher, Mesa Sand Music


With the power of modern personal computers and the availability of recording software, most musicians and songwriters have started recording their own compositions. If you’ve just started your research, you’ve probably come along many different names for software in this category – Logic, Cubase, Digital Performer, Live and certainly, Pro Tools, to name just a few. Each of these is a type of software commonly known as a DAW – short for Digital Audio Workstation.