The Best Music Libraries?

This question has come up a number of times on MLR. While we would all like a quick answer to tap into the riches of the music library world, the fact is there is no easy answer. There are hundreds of music libraries that serve different markets, from royalty free sites, mid level boutique, to high end mega libraries. Continue reading

LA Scoring Strings (LASS) – Review

by Ryan Bennett:

Need to breathe some life into your compositions? AudioBro’s LA Scoring Strings is quite the investment. This VST string library for Kontakt may require you to tap into little junior’s college funds, but the quality, stability and ease of use is well worth it.

As far as articulations go, there’s just about every basic one you’ll need: Staccato, Legato, and a couple other “autos”. Don’t expect marcattos or pre-programmed runs. This is more of what I call a ”purest” library. You can of course stack layers to get into the more kinky effects. Continue reading

Music – The Gift That Keeps On Giving

I’m always amazed how the process of creating music can keep on giving. I played on David Soul’s album back in the 70s and barely remember it but yesterday got a check for a couple of hundred dollars. Seems that some of the music was used in the Nicole Kidman film “Rabbit Hole”. The point is to keep creating. Over the years you will create a body of work that will present you with nice surprises when you are least expecting it!

PreSonus Studio One 2 – Review

by Gary Wolk

Looking for a new DAW? Well, I wasn’t, but when the time came to by a new interface a few months ago, I picked up the PreSonus AudioBox 44VSL, which came bundled with Studio One Artist version software. I have been using Logic Pro for the past 3 years, and Cubase before that, and have to say I was very impressed with Studio One, right out of the box. In fact I am using it exclusively now for all of the projects in my home studio. Continue reading

Hugh Laurie – Where’s The Love?

Robin and I have been a fan of Hugh Laurie since we discovered him years ago in the TV series “Jeeves and Wooster”. We have also watched just about every episode of “House” over the years. While we mostly enjoyed it, especially the early years, it was getting a bit long in the tooth. Still, it was a cut above most shows, even on a bad night.

This past week we watched the final episode which was terrific and had a perfect ending. It was preceded by a hour long retrospective of the series’ eight seasons. The retrospective covered just about every aspect of the show and it’s creation. It interviewed and paid homage to the writers, producers, directors, grips, set builders down to the caterer. There was one glaring exception. Not one mention of the music! WTF! No mention of the theme music “Teardrop” by the trip-hop group Massive Attack. No mention of any composers or music used throughout the last eight years? Laurie is fairly talented musician himself and at times playing piano and guitar on the show. So I wonder what the real story is about that glaring omission. As I said, WTF!