The Independent Artists Guide To Pricing Music

Longtime MLR member and composer Michael Nickolas sent me a copy of his 2012 edition “The Independent Artists Guide To Pricing Music”. I thought it was a great resource and well worth $9.99. Full transparency here: I don’t participate in any of his revenues but he did send me a free copy. Here’s Michael’s blurb: Continue reading

Universal Music Group

A rep from Universal Music’s production music department recently asked for access to Music Library Report and I was happy to oblige. He mentioned that he’s hoping to add insight to the various conversations here. I’ll keep his name private so he will not get inundated. Nice to have them on board!

The Harry Fox Agency and YouTube Licensing

Just received this e-mail. This, seems to me, is big news. If you don’t know who The Harry Fox Agency is check out their website Comments anyone?
Dear Publisher or Society:

The National Music Publishers’ Association (“NMPA”), The Harry Fox Agency (“HFA”) and YouTube are excited to offer to all independent music publishers, whether or not affiliated with HFA, and non-U.S. mechanical collection societies who have entered into reciprocal agreements with HFA, the opportunity to opt into a direct license agreement with YouTube that will be administered by HFA (the “YouTube Licensing Offer”). NMPA and HFA have negotiated the terms of the License Agreement with YouTube for the benefit of music publishers.
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