PRO Payments and Revenue Transparency

by Paul Gelsomine

Is The “Black Box” Getting Bigger?

A composer’s business lies in their body of work, Economy_150x200which they try to exploit to the best of their ability. By necessity, composers are entrepreneurs. Still, in today’s environment, music is used in a haphazard way, often making it an onerous expedition to receive PRO payments for some performances. In this data-driven day and age, many think that royalties should reach composers faster and be easier to digitally detect. But getting hold of royalties does not appear to be an easy task. Continue reading

Build Your Own Music Library Website

A number of folks have raised the question of building their own music library website for selling music. There are a number of eCommerce solutions out there but not many that work well with production type music. Below are three, from free to wildly expensive. I currently use LicenseQuote ( and yes they are an advertiser but I would use them if they were not. I find them reasonable priced, particularly if you are technically minded and pair it with an Amazon S3 account.

Here’s what I know of so far. If you have any suggestions to add to this list please let me know in the comment section.

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