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If you are a composer and/or songwriter, please leave your comments and experiences with this company. We want to hear the good as well as the bad! Please rate, from 1 to 10, by clicking on one of the stars. Below is some general information but we make no guarantee of accuracy. Check with the company for all details. Please contact us for any corrections.

URL: http://909music.com/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/909music
Accepting Submissions:Yes
Submit Online:No
Submit By Mail:Yes
Submissions Reviewed:Yes
Types Accepted:
  • Vocals
  • Instrumentals
  • Loops
  • SFX
  • Ringtones
Charge For Submissions:No
Up Front Money:No
Royalty Free:
(non-broadcast use)
(Exclusive, Non, Semi)

(Semi = Free to place on own
but not with another library)
Re-Title: No
Set Own Price:Some (see notes)
Contract Length:Variable
Payment Schedule:Immediate
License Fee Split:
PRO Split Based on 100%:
or writer)
Requires Licensee To File Cue Sheet:No
Pays On Blanket License:
YouTube Content ID:No
Active Site:No
Offers Subscriptions To Clients:

We are just looking for all sorts of great music. Vocal, Intrumental, Filmscores, All types of Electronica, Sound Design, Textures, Jingles, Ambient.

There is a license button, once an enquiry comes through we ask the composer for their price.

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        1. anyone else have a balance with them? I tried to withdraw last month but was told:

          “We are waiting for PayPal to activate the mass payout feature on our account. Once they do that, you will be able to withdraw your funds.

          We assure you your money is safe in your account, so not to worry!”

          Not so sure about that now… Sent them an email last week haven’t gotten a response.

    1. Svaristav is not responding on Twitter and Facebook. Tried to write him directly at [email protected] but no response. Perhaps he just vanished with all that great music 😉 ? He just made all those millions and run away 😉

      I guess 909 music is……done, caput, finished, obsolete 😉

      1. One year ago Ive removed all of my tracks from 909, something about Aranav was a bit fishy for me.. I guess my instinct was right..


    Hi all,

    Since June 30 we have stopped MANUALLY paying out sales earnings to composers.

    This is because we have added a “Withdraw funds” feature that enables all composers to withdraw their earnings directly to their PayPal accounts. Since June 30, 2016 everyone who has sold tracks will see their earnings accumulated in their Manage Sales account section since we have stopped paying out sales earnings manually.

    When you click on manage sales, under the earnings table you will see a “Withdraw to PayPal” button. When you click that you will have to type in your Paypal email address and the amount you wish to withdraw from your earnings. PayPal will usually take 3 business days to transfer your earnings to your PayPal account.

    Note: We are working closely with PayPal on this to be enabled site-wide, therefore some of you may face glitches while trying to withdraw funds. Kindly note that all of your earnings are safe and are transparently displayed in your sales account section. We will update you again once this function has been enabled by PayPal site-wide on all accounts.

    We are doing this to stay in alignment with our vision of creating the most open marketplace for licensing music which gives composers maximum control over their music and earnings.


    909 Music team

  2. Same experience as was noted before – on 14th my track was sold and on 18th I got the money. Pretty quick :).

  3. I love the fact that 909music pays you immediately after sales, so much better than waiting a month or 3 for your money. I wish all libraries would do this. Keep it up 909music.

    Peter M.

  4. Made a couple of sales through 909 recently, payment was sent through almost straight away which is a nice touch.

    I’d say the uploading process is the easiest and quickest of any library I’ve used.

  5. Sent them a few tracks about a month ago and got my first sale week ago. Gotta upload some more music and see how it goes. After the sale they sent the payment immidiately, fast work.

  6. Is there a way to know if your songs have been approved to be included in the library on the website? As far as I can tell they need to be approved first to show up in the search results?

  7. Uploaded a few tracks a month or two ago and had my first sale today. Got paid immediately via PayPal. Nice personal touch to it; much different from my experience so far w/ AudioJungle.

    I probably need to upload a lot more tracks, but am struggling with how to promote myself when I don’t have a huge repertoire yet. Anyone have any tips? Just keep uploading more tracks?

  8. Ok, I’ve been with them now exactly two years – not one sale until April the 3rd and an email notification about it (ok, I have only around 50 tracks there).

    Today I received an email with a prompt to tell my PayPal address. They withhold a PayPal fee of $ 1.46 and I received the money two hours later and an email with a friendly question if I could leave a review here.

    What’s not so good:
    The PayPal fee isn’t really acceptable, because I have to pay again when PayPal takes a lot for the currency translation from dollar to euro; and the currency rate is always in advantage for PayPal.

    What’s good:
    I really like the site itself, the upload procedure etc. and the friendly contact with them; fast response time on emails.

  9. Serious case of copyright infringement – Please beware!

    Dear composers I just noticed there is someone by the name Mr. Jingle who has downloaded my tracks and packaged them as an album and selling the album on iTunes:

    There are two other tracks by other composers. If you are the composers of these tracks please be aware and take legal action against him.

    He has also uploaded the tracks to https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMgp99zRQ4zW8VsWqI1L97A/videos


    1. Damn. Sorry that’s happened to you and the other composers but much appreciate you sharing that info. That’s some serious nerve there or some serious stupid.

    2. Damn. Sorry that’s happened to you Arnav and to the other composers but much appreciate you sharing that info. That’s some serious nerve there or some serious stupid.

    3. Very sorry to hear this Arnav. I’m working on getting my new law office open, soon. We will assist international clients with IP infringement matters.


    4. Sorry to hear that, and thank you for the warning.
      I’m curious though … did he actually buy the tracks from 909? Or these are the ones that can be downloaded for free?

  10. Been with 909 since the start. Only one sale. For those of you who have had decent sales, I’m wondering what’s a good price for a track?

  11. Been with 909 about a month and already made a couple of sales. Love the very quick and easy upload process. Would be great to see an option for including alt mixes in the upload section. Paypal payments were immediately deposited into my account after sales.. I would actually prefer to get paid once a month without fees if that ever becomes an option, but on the whole a positive experience so far! Keep up the good work 909:)

  12. Hello everyone,

    As some of you might have noticed, watermarks have now been deployed on all tracks.

    Just continue to upload music normally as you used to, our systems will automatically add watermarks to all your tracks.

    Best always,


  13. I’m just wondering if it’s worth the effort to upload to yet another RF library. Has anyone made at least $100/month at 909..?

    1. Congratulations David! Glad to hear that.. As the traffic increases we are seeing sales from more and more composers everyday. Glad to have sold your track today. We are expecting a massive influx of new traffic in the next 3 months so hang in there! As you can imagine, with any new company, it takes a bit of time for brand building and for customers to trust a new company in the market. But one day at a time, we are getting there!

      1. Hi, forgive me if I’m wrong, but I really think you need to work on the search engine. Right now, if I search for more than one word, I get no search results. These would be words I know are in the tags. By the way, how many characters are max for tags? It seems like it cuts them off if you paste in too many.

        Also, more ways of sorting the search results would be really beneficial.


          1. Hi pcomp thanks for engaging. The pop-ups have stopped now. Once you are logged in you wont see any pop ups anymore.

            We are working on improving the search engine dramatically. Thank you for your input.

          2. Also, if you’re looking for input on how to design the search engine, here are some of my personal opinions/tips:

            • Don’t search the title. It will result in 1,000 tracks named Inspiration down the line, just like on AJ. It’s better to have a separate field for just title search if you need to find a specific track. MusicLoops omits titles and you get creatively named tracks and the search results look much nicer.

            • Implement a little bit of randomization in the display of the search results. This will be very useful down the line when you have many, many tracks on the site.

          3. @Pcomp — you’ve got a ton of opinons on how every library should run its business.

            But, it’s very refreshing to hear from someone who isn’t simply trashing the RF model. 😀


          4. I sure do, and I think it’s pretty great to be able to reach some of the library owners directly like this. They can ignore what I say or not, but at least I might get them to think about a few key issues. In my opinion, there are very few (if any) libraries that get it all right so I try to pinpoint the things I really like (as a seller) and hope that more libraries will follow.

            For their business, maybe it doesn’t matter, although I think that happy suppliers is always something to strive for.

          5. @pcomp…I really appreciate that you’re supporting the RF model, and not throwing it under the bus!



  14. I’m trying the 909 site out. Just uploaded a track. The default pricing is $10.00. I can’t do that. How does one raise the price on this site?

    1. Hi Eric – if you don’t set a price for your track it gets assigned the minimum value which is $10.

      If you want to edit prices, please click on the edit icon next to your track which will take you to the track edit page. Scroll down, check “monetize..” and input your price in the box below and click submit.


  15. Hey guys!

    After having a few internal meetings we have decided to take your concerns into consideration and add watermarks to all previews. We will implement this very soon!

    Thank you for voicing your opinions.

    – Arnav

  16. Has anyone had any success using their marketplace here? Great idea , I wish other libraries, particularly ones that also sell video, would sit up and take notice. Some offers are good, some more then that, some laughable but you don’t have to pitch to them. Anyone get sales pitching directly to media makers ere?

    1. I’ve submitted several times. Got a reply once saying my tracks weren’t quite what they needed, but mostly I never hear back.

    2. Yes, I’ve had 3 sales so far thanks to the marketplace (but I sold all of them to the same buyer, although for different uses). I think I’ve pitched 6 or 7 – I got a reply from all the potential buyers but one. Overall, I think it’s a very good idea. I’m actually surprised that other RF libraries don’t do this (that I know of). Excellent job by 909.

      On the other side, I am a little bit concerned that 909 does not watermark the tracks. We all read about the music thiefs, even in this forum … so, that concerns me quite a bit. Arnav, do you plan on implementing some watermark system in the future for 909?

      1. Hey GM thanks for the compliment on the Marketplace. Congrats on your sales, expect much more as our traffic increases gradually.

        On many occasions I have encountered digital thieves in person but let me mention an individual that comes to mind who stands out from them all.

        “The music on your website is so expensive, why would I buy from you?” he said to me contemptuously.

        “An average track selling for $30 for unlimited usage is expensive?” I asked politely, “I can’t remember a time when media music was so affordable”

        “Yeah dude, but why would I spend money on your site when I can download and use music for free on Audiojungle?” he said with utmost condescension

        “What do you mean you can download music for free on Audio Jungle?” I was curious.

        In a tone displaying lack of guilt, he went on to explain to me how he would download free previews of “watermarked” tracks, then edit the tracks to evade the watermark creating a new sample, and then loop that sample to be used in his videos.

        “This” he said, “is how I get my tracks for free.” Obviously I had nothing else to say to him and we ended our call.

        My point is, if someone is desperate and determined to get your music for free, he will. With or without watermarks. That’s why we don’t give free previews and we terminated our subscription plans too. (subscriptions allowed users to download watermarked tracks)

        We also have too many codec securities in place where individuals CANNOT rip our tracks off by pasting links in sites such as streampocket.

        There is a very very small percentage of people who would record playback. We focus on providing top customer satisfaction to the majority of video producers who use fair means to download and buy music.

        1. Arnav,
          I agree with you. Indeed, I wasn’t really thinking about end users willing to steal music instead of buying it – I think those are probably very few (and I assume that professionals don’t do that of course), and as you said they do it anyway – however, I also think that the “technique” to eliminate watermarks may be much easier for some kinds of music (repetitive, looped etc) than other styles and genres. Nonetheless, I was actually thinking about people stealing music for re-selling it as their own. We have discussed some cases even in this forum. I know it’s an actual concern of other big libraries (P5 for example, PT etc). That’s a bit concerning to me too. I still don’t think (hope …) there’s many people like that, but the damage is much bigger (than the occasional little amateur thief of one single track or two). Someone like that could quickly and easily steal hundreds or thousands of tracks, if these are not watermarked, with big damage for both the producers and the libraries. And it’s not so easy to find them. As I said, we already found some cases, and I suspect that many more get unnoticed. Watermarking at the very least would make things much more difficult and time consuming for them (or even impossible with some genres of music). So, that’s the reason of my concern, not the occasional little thief. Maybe I’m paranoid 🙂 but, I guess there must be a good reason why the vast majority of libraries watermark their tracks. I don’t know, I could be dead wrong, just my two cents. Hope you may want to reconsider this in the future. Keep up the good work!

          1. Arnav
            just an idea: maybe you could allow the composer to choose whether to upload watermarked tracks or not. I know of one library that allowed me to do that. So, I would upload 2 tracks, one watermarked (which is the play preview on website) and one not watermarked, which would be received by the customer after he purchase it. Maybe this would be easier for you to implement than an automatic watermarking system? Just an idea …
            By the way, thank you for taking the time to respond to us in this forum.

        2. “In a tone displaying lack of guilt, he went on to explain to me how he would download free previews of “watermarked” tracks, then edit the tracks to evade the watermark creating a new sample, and then loop that sample to be used in his videos.”

          What a total loser, who would probably freak out if someone stole his little videos!

          1. What he does is not only copyright infringement. It is a crime! He could, and should, be prosecuted for theft from AJ.

  17. Hello ,I was wondering how to interpret this part of 909 agreement -909 Music may modify this Agreement periodically and without notice. If you continue to use the 909 Music – Music Monetization, this signifies your acceptance of any amendments to this Agreement.
    Just curious ,thanks

      1. Thank you for response, by the way nice site and simple uploading process. I’m just more careful what I sign these days and some legal language might seam a bit confusing to simple me ,as it says any amendments.

        I thought when you sign something you sign what you read in that moment and not sign something that might be changed in future ,be it favorable or disfavorable for the contributor, now we have the word from you being the good guys and that’s great but is that enough

        Couldn’t it be more appropriate to send notification to composers to resign the agreement when changes are made or at least make oneself obliged to notifiy by mail of changes made ?

        1. Most of the contracts I’ve received have a clause stating that you agree to any future modifications of the document without further written consent. I think that is an untested legal area. Someone on this site made the comment that a contract could be modified to… “And we own your house.” I’m pretty sure a court would not approve.

          1. “Consent” and “Notice” are two different, but very important, legal concepts. Even credit card companies notify you of changes to your agreement.

            As long as you have “Notice” of changes and the option to terminate your agreement that’s generally cool. It would not be cool for a library to change the terms of a contract AND force you to stay in the library.

            Arnav can confirm, but I think composers are free to withdraw from 909. So, you have that option in the event that any changes are not agreeable to you.

            “I think that is an untested legal area.”
            I’m sure that it has been tested and that there are limits and exceptions.

            Note: Contract law varies by jurisdiction. Thre should be a clause in the contract stating whose laws govern.

          2. “909 Music may modify this Agreement periodically and without notice. If you continue to use the 909 Music – Music Monetization, this signifies your acceptance of any amendments to this Agreement.”

            Yes. No notice is required but I’ve seen that a lot. The burden is on us to be up-to-date on any changes in the agreement. The laws of India & The UAE govern the agreement.

            I’m not a lawyer but I’ve read a lot of contracts. In our business, they tend to have similarities. I study a contract closely but I also try to factor-in my perception of the people behind the contract. If I feel uncomfortable, I bail-out. If all else fails, I have dinner every Tuesday with a pair of lawyers.

    1. Congrats denis, I’ve heard your music so I’m not surprised and I agree,the upload process is really nice. Uploaded about 80 tracks maybe 20 or so more to go.I decided not to do alts just yet since they have to be uploaded as new songs until they hammer out a way to add them to the full version. Besides,I want to get a feel for is this library can work for me. Maybe a sale or do would do it for me.

      1. Forget the Paypal fees. This is posted on their FB page:

        “125 Royalty-Free tracks for just $147! – Unlimited use for Corporate videos, Commercials, YouTube Videos etc.”

        This is what you’re competing against — within the library!

        1. Wow.
          I see it’s still on facebook, but I can’t see it on the website. Maybe the offer is over? Anyway, I hope Arnav of 909 Music, who seems to be a nice, open guy, will explain that. I like 909 Music, but an offer like that is really a disgrace for music producers, if true. Arnav, can you please comment?

          1. GM maybe before you use certain words such as. “..a disgrace for music producers” you should personally look into what the true facts are.

            What MichaelL is referring to is the packs on the website, which have been online for over a year. You can find them here: https://www.909music.com/packs

            over 90% of the tracks in those packs are mine. Few are by others. So don’t worry it is not a “disgrace” to any composer(s) on 909 Music.

            Packs are a great way to get filmmakers to sign up on the website. We then send regular emails to registered filmmakers to introduce composers and sell tracks in the library. Filmmaker’s need new tracks almost every month, buying 1 pack doesn’t solve their needs forever.

            Leveraging my tracks to get more filmmakers on the website so every composer can benefit seems like a good idea to me. It is also a good entry point for Filmmakers to start working with us. (Although, less than 5% of the filmmakers on 909 Music buy packs. They all buy individual tracks!!)

            Michael Levanios is not part of 909 Music yet he comes here and attacks us regularly. Michael attacked us in the past, we gave him an explanation and he apologized that he commented without reading the details. Then he sent us an email saying he wanted to join the site and loved the site. On my post introducing filmmaker accounts he said it was an “excellent idea”. He has still never joined 909 Music, but still continues to follow this thread and still make negative remarks “without parsing the details”

            Michael Levanios would you like to explain yourself?


          2. “Michael Levanios would you like to explain yourself?” Sure Arnav.

            I’m not attacking your site. I think it’s a very good site and you’re making all the right moves, which is very important. You’re targeting the right consumer IMO — filmmakers, which is also very important. (But I’d say that –coming from a film background)

            I appreciate your willingness to “sacrifice” your own tracks to attract business. But, I was concerned, when I saw that low pricing because any composer signing to 909 would have to compete with those prices, even if they are just your tracks in sound packs. But, your explanation makes sense.

            Deducting the Paypal charges is not common practice, under most circumstances, but something composers can live with if the sales volume is good.

            The ONLY, and I emphasize ONLY, reason that I haven’t signed up with 909 is the lack of time. But, that will eventually change.

            BTW –it’s pretty common on the MLR to raise questions about different library practices and policies, especially new libraries. It doesn’t mean that you’re being attacked.

            Thanks for clarifying. I wish you continued success.


          3. Hi Michael, thank you for your reply.

            I fully encourage raising questions as that gives other composers more clarity. But when you start your message by saying “Forget the PayPal fees, look at this.. etc etc.” you come across as very hostile. A better approach would have been to ask me what the strategy behind these bulk tracks for low price is. With that approach I wouldn’t have felt like you were attacking 909.

            As far as PayPal fees is concerned – Any business entity that pays its creditors their rightful percentage, pays them from the net amount. This is common business practice world over.

            When you send money from one account to another, there are always transaction charges. if we were to send you money to your bank account, there would be HIGHER charges due to international bank transfers and secondly banks charge a very high commission for currency exchange. I don’t believe there is ANY company/library that bears bank transfer fees and currency exchange commissions.

            I hope to see your music on 909 someday soon, Michael.


          4. Arnav
            sorry for using the word “disgrace”, it was too strong, I admit it. Sorry.
            However, I still believe that trying to attract customers by giving away music for free (or very close to free) is not .. “pretty” marketing, for music producers and the business in general.
            It doesn’t really matter if the tracks are yours or not. Not at all. As Michael said, it’s about competition. How can we compete against free or close to free music? What kind of “culture” are we spreading among potential customers, if we push the idea that production music (especially high quality music, such as yours) is free or close to free?
            In this forum most music producers have a very bad opinion of libraries that offer super-cheap music, and for good reason. We talk about it all the time. So, my negative comment and Michael’s concern are nothing new. You’ll find dozens of similar comments here, about “certain” libraries. The race to the bottom that those libraries (not you) created and keep sustaining is actually a “disgrace” for this business – and now I really mean it: a true “disgrace”.
            Again, this is not about 909. In fact, I like 909, very much. And I think you are doing a great job, seriously. You are in an excellent position for making 909 very successful based on many factors: quality of music, quality of website, initiatives such as the “Marketplace”, social media, and others. 909, in many respect, is actually building something new and different. So, keep up the good work, I really wish you well. But I really hope you are not planning on keeping up that kind of dirt-cheap offer for a long time, because that will not only go against music producers, but also – I think – against libraries. It may make sense at the beginning, when, as a start-up, you need to get noticed by customers. That makes (some) sense. I’m not sure, I’m no marketing expert, but I guess it may make some sense. But in the long term, I think, these are lose-lose situations, not win-win.
            Just my humble opinion of course.
            Good luck, and keep up the good work at 909.

          5. Thank you for your reply GM

            I do encourage raising questions and doubts. Although, a little sensitivity on a public forum would be greatly appreciated in terms of choice of words.

            Secondly, you are NOT competing against “free music”. We give 3 free tracks to filmmakers who join the website. Do you believe that 3 tracks is all a filmmaker needs for the rest of his life? After filmmakers sign up, it’s easier to sell your music to them isn’t it?

            Those free tracks that you consider competition, in my opinion are support systems, One of the few we have. We also provide free knowledge and information to filmmakers on our blog: http://www.909music.com/blog

            If somebody gave you a perfume for free, and you really liked it, you are most likely to BUY that perfume in the future right? I don’t think that free perfume would last you for the rest of your life. Similarly, those free tracks won’t last that filmmaker more than 2 small videos. But they are most likely to buy from US again. Which means our composers will make more sales.

            Above all, I am very glad that you like 909 Music, It genuinely brings a smile to my face to know that composers like this site. Let’s not forget, I am a composer myself: http://www.909music/arnav/tracks

          6. Hey Arnav
            thank you for your kind answer.
            Just to be precise: I was not referring to the 3 free tracks, but to the 125 tracks that you offer for 147 dollars. That’s about 1 dollar per track. That’s very, very close to “free”. 125 tracks is not 3. It’s a lot of tracks. Sure, film makers will need more than that, eventually. But – again – that’s a lot of tracks that you offer for almost free.
            Your marketing strategy is clear, and I hope it will succeed. As I said, I like 909 a lot, but I don’t like at all this kind of marketing. I have a feeling that most people here would agree with me (I could be wrong of course). That’s all I have to say. Maybe I’m totally wrong, I dont know. But …. think about it for a second: what would happen if ALL music producers would offer 125 of their tracks for close to nothing? Have you considered this? What would happen if we ALL (!!!) used your marketing strategy?
            I have a feeling that there would be no market left. Bye bye. Music almost free for all. Yay!! What would be the word for describe such a situation? Not disgrace? I don’t know, you choose the word.
            To me, any initiative that goes into that direction is “bad”. Any initiative that goes into the opposite direction is “good”. It’s that simple.
            Anyway, thank goodness most music producers an libraries don’t do that. Not yet.
            Again, thank you for your reply and good luck.

      1. Strange. Thought it was working but no. I’m getting the twitter page but not the web site. GuessI’llhave to contact them. Thanks MichaelL.

  18. Since we’re talking about 909, i figured i’ll ask people’s opinions on this. I had a sale recently on 909 for a $30 track. A paypal transaction fee was deducted from both my 50% share and the libraries 50% share, so i ended up with $14.26. Once that money was sent to my paypal account i was charged ANOTHER paypal transaction fee. So instead of $15, i walked away with $13.26. Maybe this is normal, but none of the other RF libraries I submit to deduct fees like this. It’s a bit frustrating. I’d be interested to hear what people’s opinions are.

    1. I’d like to hear about that too. I have very little time to upload these days. Hidden fees could be a deal breaker.

      1. Yeah, that wouldn’t fly if accurate. Especially having to pay transaction fees on the libraries share. I would have a problem with that. I don’t want to jump to conclusions though so hopefully 909 can clear that up here.

        1. Yes that’s right. We pay 50% of the net amount (i.e after PayPal fees) and any transaction charges are borne by the composer. That is probably not the case with other libraries, but then again, there are not very many libraries that pay out 50% while freely allowing composers to trade music non-exclusively

          1. Sorry to use abbreviations but ML, P5, and PT have a 50/50 split, or better, and do not subtract any Paypal fees or transaction charges. AS, does not subtract Paypal fees or transaction charges, but their split is not 50/50. Those four libraries would be your most similar non-exclusive RF competition. I can’t speak to low-end RF libraries like RFsh and AJ.

            This reminds me of the old record business model when the artist’s cut was a percentage of the net, not the gross, so it’s not really 50/50….more like 55/45, or less, depending on all of the “charges.”

          2. “That is probably not the case with other libraries, but then again, there are not very many libraries that pay out 50% while freely allowing composers to trade music non-exclusively”


            The composer should not have to pay any extra fees. Everything should be 50/50. That makes the most sense for all parties.

  19. After reading the thread and thinking about it, I decided to give 909 a try.I’m impressed by their attitude and willingness to come here and directly address issues and field questions from composers.What really sold me though is their ongoing effort to improve what they’re doing.
    Support was good and fast.I had a couple of issues getting set up and needed some clarification. They responded quickly and with clear details each time.One of my issues was I didn’t price a track but couldn’t see any edit or trash buttons to make changes.They suggested I change my screen resolution which I hadn’t thought of but they were right.Nice simple uploading process and the more tracks I accumulate, the more I appreciate that.
    Anyway,I’ve gotten real selective in choosing new libraries but I feel pretty good about this one at least on first impression. I obviously can’t speak about sales yet but I like what I’ve seen so far with these guys.

    1. 909 has been great to me as well and I am very picky with who I submit to. Arnav sends emails to composers, is courteous and even tweeted about a song I had uploaded. No complaints from me and recommend joining.

  20. No youtube content ID involvement? I emailed them but thought maybe someone knows for sure and can answer before I hear back.

    1. Hey Art, just got a reply from 909, “We don’t submit music to the YouTube content ID system” so maybe you can add that under the description so everybody knows?

    Hey guys I am very happy to announce that the composer sales analytics section is up and running. Here is how it works- Log into your account and under the dropdown menu on the top right there’s a new section called ‘Manage Sales’ Click on that and you will see your sales account.

    Now whenever your track is purchased your account will get populated with the particulars of the transaction and 50% will be transferred to your 909 account immediately. You can accumulate your funds there and you can also WITHDRAW funds to your own PayPal accounts!

    Check it out and let me know what you think. A detailed email will go out this week to all registered composers on how to use this effectively and much more.

  22. I’m going back and monetizing many of my tracks. Question… if a track isn’t monetized, how much would it license for? Is there a default amount?

    1. @daveydad, I’m not sure what you mean by “monetizing”…but if you get involved with ContentID, Adrev, and signing up for every other monetizing system available you will eventually create a “feedback” loop that will create problems for the libraries that you’re in, especially RF libraries.

      1. Seems like they use “monetizing” in a different sense at 909music. Read the terms, it’s defined under “909 Music – Music Monetization”. Also, if you don’t check the monetize box your track will be sold for $0. I just tried it out. Maybe that’s just for people who want to showcase their music or license it for free, since they offer a “share your music with friends” service.

        1. right. has nothing to do with content id. i just got out of that mess! anyway, i guess it’s a step you have to go thru to put a price on your tracks.

          1. “Price your tracks” might be a better choice of words, then, because there are some negative connotations surrounding “monetizing.”

            Anyway…best of luck.

        2. Hi Ulla – that’s not true. If you don’t set a price for your track and if you share it on Social media, then your track does not get a buy button at all. So someone interested in the track will not be able to buy it. That’s why it’s important to set prices to all tracks you upload.

          1. Hey Arnav, thanks for chiming in! I love the site!
            When I tested it, I didn’t set a price, shared it on twitter and got the shopping cart button with $0 on the top right. I clicked it, got to your cart system and it even took me to paypal.

          2. Hey Ulla thanks for letting us know! That must’ve been a temporary bug while we were adding some new codes to the backend. If you check again that won’t happen. if you try sharing a track without setting a price for it you will see that it has no Buy button at all.

  23. UPDATES:
    We just launched new profile pages for filmmakers. Now individuals can sign up as composers or filmmakers. Filmmakers have a little ‘Recommended Tracks’ feature which constantly updates them with the music of their preference. It pulls tracks from the library based on their preferences and displays it straight to their dashboard. This makes the filmmakers’ lives very easy in terms of discovering new tracks & composers, and it should significantly improve the sales volume in time.

      1. It seems like the prices on 909 are fairly good. But, what is the ratio of customers who buy ala carte vs subscription? I can’t imagine that composers earn very much in the latter instance.

        1. That is a very good question.

          But from my knowledge, subscriptions are there to help the clients, not the composers. The clients pay a fee that is greater than an individual license, but they get access to a lot more music. The library makes money from the subscription, which is the same as a blanket license with other companies.

          Most of the time, those fees are not shared with the composers. When they are shared, they are shared based on the amount of music a composer has with the library. So quality would not matter. I could have 1,527 random tracks. You could have 20 great tracks. I would get paid more money because I simply have more music in the library.

          I am in no way trying to denigrate 909 Music. I believe that Arnav is working hard to create a company that works both for composers and clients. Whatever happens, I hope that 909 Music continues to work hard to provide the best experience for all parties involved.


          1. I think its about time that composers here stop jumping to conclusions and read everything that is written on the website properly.

            Subscriptions are for clients to download music to test them they are in no way allowed to use the music commercially.

            Other libraries give these downloads for free without even having to register.

          2. Thanks for the explanation. Sorry I didn’t take the time to parse the details.

            Your listing on the MLR says that 909 accepts SFX, but I don’t see that on your website. Is that planned for the future?

  24. adigold,

    Did you contact them directly to ask about your payment issue? Seems like that is the logical first step, before blasting them on MLR. I uploaded my catalog to 909 a couple months ago, and have had 3 sales in the last week. All 3 were reported and payed out immediately. It’s true that 909 does not yet allow proper sales tracking on the composers’ end, but there’s a certain amount of trust involved no matter where we sell. It seems like Arnav is making improvements to the website and wants to make it a place for composers to thrive. That’s just my 2 cents. Cheers!

    Neil H.

  25. I saw a statement on the website about giving away 3 free tracks if I enter in an email address.

    Whose music is being given away for free?

    How do these free music giveaways help the content creators?

    Is there a way for composers to opt-out of having their music being given away for free?

  26. Arnav,
    I certainly appreciate you taking the time to address this thread. You’re completely correct in saying that Adi Gold has jumped to conclusion is stating that he isn’t getting paid. I apologize for jumping on the bandwagon. We as artists see so many ‘opportunities’ for making money, getting publicity, that are illegitimate and poorly operated that many of us are quick to judge and scream scam, run away. Music 909 appears to have good leadership and offer great product. I will reconsider submission and look forward to working with you in the future. Thanks for your attentive nature and willingness to address this.

  27. Hey guys this is Arnav and I am the Founder of 909 Music. I would like to address a few concerns that many of you have here. I take FULL responsibility for all the composers on 909 Music, a platform I am proud and passionate about from the bottom of my heart.

    1st CONCERN – SALES:
    Yes some of you have made money with us, most of you have not made money with us. While one can come up with several excuses for this, I will not. In fact I will tell you exactly what is going on. We are spending 100% of our time and efforts on PRODUCT and not so much on marketing. I believe that if you don’t have a great product there is no point marketing it one bit. There are more than 65 Royalty Free Libraries out there. I did not start this website to make it just another library BUT my ambition is to revolutionize the way Content Producers and Composers connect with each other.

    Many of you said that the platform is SMOOTH, the uploads are FAST and EASY. This is because I focused on product from day 1. And this is just the beginning. You cannot begin to imagine what features are in development.

    Just as a side note: Do you not see value in the social music players we released? How many other libraries do you know who have this? Do you not see value in the eBooks I started sending out?

    We are not just building a library but an entire ECOSYSTEM in which video producers and music composers enrich each others lives that is based on both creative and monetary value. That takes time, tenacity and a support group. And 250 composers on 909 Music have been that support group so far.

    EVERY SINGLE composer that sold a track has been notified by email and on PayPal. The company just sent out an email last week stating all the new features that are coming out next month in terms of composer statistics. It is clearly mentioned that ALL composers will be able to MONITOR and TRACK their sales AND withdraw funds to their own PayPal account. Exactly like what Fiverr.com allows you to do.

    3rd CONCERN – Adi Gold’s comments:
    Every single composer who emails us and asks to get on the library has been informed clearly that in this present situation whenever a sale is made we manually notify the composer. Adi Gold bought his own track to test this system and two things happened:
    a) We realized he bought his own track so we refunded his entire amount
    b) He was immediately notified that he bought his own track and his entire amount had been refunded.

    So I still fail to understand what his issue with us is. He complains of the fact that an automated message was not sent to him about the sale. We have never claimed to send out automated messages on every sale. Besides, In a month, as i said, every composer will be able to track and monitor his own sales and withdraw funds to his own account. We have been working on our product with utmost care and intelligence and this is not something we take lightly.

    We are in the data collecting stage as every startup is in initially. Some tracks have over 1000+ plays and made only 2 sales. Some tracks have under 50 plays and have 10 sales. Studying consumer behavior is on TOP priority at 909 Music. We are investing all our energy and capital on improving our product and understanding consumer behavior in the Royalty Free Music space so that we can increase sales for each and every composer. That is part of making this a great product. This lays the foundation for something that has the potential to become massive.

    I have received hundreds of emails from composers telling me that this is by far the best user interface they have seen. That is proof and validation enough for me and my team that we are on the right path. Focusing on making a superior product first is the right path. In a matter of months we will have a superior product in the market. Once the foundation is set revenue follows.

    I would like to address every single concern everybody has regarding 909 Music. If you want to reach me directly please email me on: [email protected]

    1. Thanks for being proactive and coming on here Arnav.

      Composers are more and more leery of new music libraries. We have seen a lot of companies fold over the years without knowing what has happened with our music after the company folds. There has also been a big spike in music being stolen and ending up for sale on other sites, under someone else’s name. Composer’s are being much more cautious these days.

      I think I can safely say we all wish for you to be successful and hope you are!

      1. Hi Art – I am glad you read this post. I remember having a conversation with you when I first setup my account on MLR. You had seen 909 Music back when it first launched and If you look at the website now, there is not a shred of doubt in my mind that you will say we have made tremendous progress in terms of product.

        I have read about the state of the industry these days. We had a few composers who stole music from other composers and tried to upload them on our site and we immediately blocked their accounts and banned their IPs.

        I can assure all the composers on your website here that 909 Music is one of the good ones and our focus is purely on creating a marketplace for composers and content producers alike which is like no other and will serve to maximize the creative potential of both parties.

    2. Thank you Arnav for coming here and taking the time to explain in detail the situation of your enterprise. After reading this, I am optimistic about your drive and spirit. I recently decided to add 2 libraries to the very short list that publishes my RF catalog. I had already selected one, now, I found the second one: it will most probably be 909.
      Keep up the great work, and I look forward interacting with you soon!

  28. Yeah, I’m glad I followed this thread and never submitted. I got the opportunity through Music Clout, which is either a huge pile of crap as well, or my music isn’t marketable.

  29. I started uploading only a few tracks in January, maybe like 5-10, and then got side tracked. I got 1 sale so far with only a few tracks, and got paid straight to my paypal. It was nice. Also I’ve got a decent amount of track plays so I am pretty optimistic about them. I am going to upload my entire catalog and see what happens.

    1. Hi Musco My friend, I just wanted to let you know that Ive removed all my tracks from 909, few days ago Ive made a sale by my self and bought one of my tracks , and you wont guess , how surprising ! ! ! didnt got any sale notification ,didnt got any money…. I dont trust this place anyomore ! 6 months 220 tracks not even 1 dollar.. just thought you would like to know this info..

      1. one more important and strange thing ! even that I have deleted all my tracks from the website manually by my self track by track and deactivated my account profile, there is still a way to find my tracks on 909 Facbook and twitter page and BUY THEM ! ! ! do you still trust that guy? Im not !

        1. did you try to contact them and ask why your tracks appear in their facebook etc even if you deleted them from their catalog?I’ve never made a dollar with them either and my tracks sell very well in several other RF sites.Maybe it’s time to delete my account there as well…

      2. So you removed your tracks, but you were still able to purchase your own track and did not get paid? That is terrible. There is no reason for such unprofessional behavior from a company.

      3. We have screenshots from PayPal that prove we notified Adi Gold within 30 mins of his transaction. We also have screenshots of his payment being refunded to him because we realized he bought his own track. This was done within30 mins of his transaction. That is enough to prove his dishonesty when he says he made a sale “few days ago” and he “didn’t get any notification”

        Here are the details which we have authentic screenshots of:

        Mar 13, 2015
        09:58:06 GMT+04:00

        Mar 13, 2015
        10:32:25 GMT+04:00

        Please note: Once a sale is made, 909 Music has a NO-REFUND policy. We still refunded him because we realized he bought his own track.

  30. Me too… 218 tracks with 2 months and not even one sale…its really strange..but i love the design and the upload process is really smooth and easy..

  31. Just started uploading to this library, only a few tracks at the moment, but the interface seems real smooth. There are a lot of elements I like, hopefully with more music I will see some sales.

  32. I’ve been with them since May and I haven’t had any sales, quite a few views though.

    The only thing that concerns me is that there is no way of monitoring sales through the control panel. You only find out if you’ve sold anything if they tell you at the end of the month.

    So there is a lot of trust involved.

  33. my tracks have 100+ listens there but no sales in 6+ months now.I have the same tracks in other RF sites for less than 6 months and they sell very well.I stopped uploading there but won’t delete the tracks,i think it’s a very new library and sometimes it can take a while before you see any sales with a library.The uploading process is quick and very easy.

  34. I’ve just received interest from this company. Does anyone have any info on how they operate? How effective they are? Does anyone make any money from this?

  35. Thanks for chiming in Dave……mostly focusing on working with 3 RF , 1 NE and writing custom cues for 2 more. Not really chasing more then that these days….stay in touch and great seeing you here.

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