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URL: http://www.eargoo.com/
Accepting Submissions:Unknown - Contact at website.
Submit Online:Unknown
Submit By Mail:Unknown
Submissions Reviewed:Unknown
Types Accepted:Unknown
Charge For Submissions:Unknown
Up Front Money:Unknown
Royalty Free:
(non-broadcast use)
(Exclusive, Non, Semi)

(Semi = Free to place on own
but not with another library)
Re-Title: Unknown
Set Own Price:Unknown
Contract Length:Unknown
Payment Schedule:Unknown
License Fee Split:
PRO Split Based on 100%:
or writer)
Requires Licensee To File Cue Sheet:Unknown
Pays On Blanket License:
YouTube Content ID:
Active Site:No
Offers Subscriptions To Clients:

9 Replies to “Ear Goo”

        1. I believe they are Muserk.com now.
          I got an email from them in March 2016 saying “We owe you money.”
          After a follow up email I got this:
          “we hit a bit of a technical issue which is almost resolved. We had a meeting about it yesterday so I am definitely doing my best to get that info/ payment issued as soon as possible. Thanks or your patience.”

          I’m not holding my breath for payment

          1. Art,
            EarGoo, Search The Music and Muserk are the same company.
            Here is an excerpt from an email that went out to all composers on 2/27/2013

            “…I also wanted to inform you all that there has been a name change to the company. The new name will be Search The Music LLC (SearchTheMusic.com). This is a larger brand, which will give us more opportunities to be much more global in our reach….
            Just as an FYI: Search The Music LLC still falls under The Goo corporate umbrella, so if you signed a contract for Ear Goo LLC and/or Goo Berry LLC they are still good. …”

            and here is part of an email sent out on 4/20/2015:

            Subject: A message to our artists…

            Muserk Launches
            Hello, Fellow Muserkers! ….
            My goal when I founded Muserkā„¢ (formally Ear Goo and Search The Music) remains unchanged;…..”

  1. I got into Ear Goo (now Search The Music) a few years ago. They give me a good feeling but they’re taking forever to go public. A Google search now brings up the “Ear Goo Collective”. A Google search for “Search The Music” just brings up the “Launching Soon” window. They had a Facebook page for “Search The Music” but they changed the name on that page & I can’t find it anymore.

    Not sure what to make of them. I’ve not had a sale yet. Their intent seems good but the implementation of their business site seems slow & awkward. I’ve stopped loading tracks until I see something happening.

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