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Accepting Submissions:Yes
Submit Online:Yes
Submit By Mail:No
Submissions Reviewed:Yes
Types Accepted:Instrumentals
Charge For Submissions:No
Up Front Money:No
Royalty Free:
(non-broadcast use)
(Exclusive, Non, Semi)

(Semi = Free to place on own
but not with another library)
  • Exclusive
  • Non-Exclusive
Re-Title: Unknown
Set Own Price:No
Contract Length:Unknown
Payment Schedule:Monthly
License Fee Split:
PRO Split Based on 100%:
or writer)
Requires Licensee To File Cue Sheet:Yes
Pays On Blanket License:
YouTube Content ID:
Active Site:No
Offers Subscriptions To Clients:

191 Replies to “RevoStock”

  1. Guys, I posted this earlier in the thread. It appears that Revostocxk has gone out of business. If so, it is very unlikely that you will get paid. Here’s the legal lowdown, as posted previously…

    If Revostock has filed for bankruptcy, the funds that they have are counted as company assets. I don’t practice in that area of law, but AFAIK, if they have filed for bankruptcy they no longer have access to their assets, which are controlled by the court or receiver.

    “In order to get paid you need to file a claim with the receiver, or the court, as one of Revostock’s “creditors,” to whom it owes money.

    If they have filed for bankruptcy, there shouled be a public notice stating when and how to file your claim. There is usually a limited window of time.

    Note that all debts are likely to be aggregated and creditors often only get pennies on the dollar.

    Also, I believe that if there are unpaid judgements from previous lawsuits, those judgments will be prioritized.

    I would recommend hiring a lawyer, but based upon the amounts that you all mentioned being owed it would very likely cost you more to do that than you are owed.

    But…if you are owed money, you can contact the appropriate state court where Revostock is incorporated to 1) see if they’ve filed for banckruptcy protection and 2) inquire about filing a claim.

    Good luck.”

  2. Hi, i wrote today to Revostock trying to get some money i had there but the emails came back to me, anyone has some email address to share ?

  3. I tried to enter to my Revostock account today and founded that the site is down, there is a letter from the owner in the index. Anybody as news about this and what about the pending royalty payments ? i had some royalties in my account there.

  4. Getting on for $1,000 owed here.

    I understand he had quite a few issues over recent years, with patent trolls and the like, but the composers/contributors earnings should never be accessed to keep the library going.

    1. ” composers/contributors earnings should never be accessed to keep the library going.”

      Which is why law firms are required to keep client escrow accounts. You NEVER touch client money.

  5. We shouldn’t jump too quickly to the assumption that Revostock has closed because of the previous lawsuit.

    Many libraries, especailly RF libraries, are run by one or two people, without whom the business really cannot operate. If something happens in the life of that person, like illness, the whole thing can some to a halt, unless there’s a plan for succession.

    Over the years, I’ve seen many businesses go under, either quickly or slowly, because the person in charge was no longer able to manage.

    Circumstances like these are among the reasons that I look at the longevity and the size of an organization when deciding whether to put my tracks there.

    1. Sure, that could happen. But not in this case. I believe RevoStock used to be around 5-7 people. He recently let 2 of them go. Craig wrote several times in the producer forum about what was happening and he basically used our 45% for a very long time (over a year!) to “try new marketing things”, cover salaries and personal expenses etc. He failed and took a lot of people’s money with him unfortunately.

      RevoStock has been around for 10 years and used to be one of the big players in the Stock Footage world. Not as much in music but definitely in the top 10. One author I know is owed $4,400 from his footage sales…

  6. Sad about that, but it was predictable in a certain way…I did not delete my tracks and I have still a sum around 100$ to be paid, I will delete those figures from my files. Bye bye Revostock, bye bye money.

  7. OMG ! One year ago I got that reall ybad feeling about crig after he had that Patent Troll lawsuit, than he decided to go with that $100 threshold payment to all his composers, Lucky me Ive told him that i dont like this idea and asked him kindly to remove all my track down.. hope you will get back to you with your money guys…

    1. Yeah I had just about a hundred bucks unpaid at this point too. Oh well – sorry to see that site go. There was a period of time that it was selling fairly well for me.

  8. If Revostock has filed for bankruptcy, the funds that they have are counted as company assets. I don’t practice in that area of law, but AFAIK, if they have filed for bankruptcy they no longer have access to their assets, which are controlled by the court or receiver.

    In order to get paid you need to file a claim with the receiver, or the court, as one of Revostock’s “creditors,” to whom it owes money.

    If they have filed for bankruptcy, there shouled be a public notice stating when and how to file your claim. There is usually a limited window of time.

    Note that all debts are likely to be aggregated and creditors often only get pennies on the dollar.

    Also, I believe that if there are unpaid judgements from previous lawsuits, those judgments will be prioritized.

    I would recommend hiring a lawyer, but based upon the amounts that you all mentioned being owed it would very likely cost you more to do that than you are owed.

    But…if you are owed money, you can contact the appropriate state court where Revostock is incorporated to 1) see if they’ve filed for banckruptcy protection and 2) inquire about filing a claim.

    Good luck.

    1. Okay just Googled it and Texas is right. Google link is dead but still in their cache.

      FAQ | RevoStock Contact Information

      Our Address Is: 2591 Dallas Parkway Suite 300 Frisco TX 75034 866-907-7386 Time Zone Information: Standard Time Zone: UTC/GMT -6 Hours (Central …

      Also looks like their demise had to do with patent trolls. That’s really a shame.

          1. The patent involved was that of the site as a whole. The trolls lost, and this was several years ago. That hit them hard while it was going on, but I think it’s a bit of a stretch to still blame it years after… But I guess maybe that caused the site to just lose its momentum. I sold well on the site, and I liked that you could choose pricing, but quite frankly, it was a very clumsy and slow site compared to the competitors.

  9. It appears Revo is toast ! I logged in today and a notice come up saying he shut Revo down. He says something about still trying to work out a deal with other libraries to take over and honor the agreements …. but …. I think my money is gone for good, it was in the low hundreds.

        1. Same here.
          First Beat Orchard, now this.
          I surely hope that Craig will try as much as he can to honor what Revo owes to the producers. I think Craig is a decent guy, for what I’ve seen, so I am moderately hopeful.

          One thing I have to say, more generally.
          KUDOS to those libraries that pay their producers FREQUENTLY. Like once a month, or even less. That makes me feel that I am not taking on a significant share of the entpreneurial risk which I don’t want, especially without having any managerial control of the business itself (and, without acquiring any share of the entrepreneurial profit either …).
          It is just beyond me that the guy running Beat Orchard could get away stealing money from the music producers without any consequence.

          As I said, I think Craig is a good guy and will do everything he can.

          But still, there’s something wrong about the whole “concept” of producers being at the mercy of certain self-proclaimed “entrepreneurs”. Just sayin.

          1. Well, he might be a good guy when everything goes according to plan but he made some serious (illegal) mistakes that I hope will get fixed.

  10. Anyone believe that RevoStock will get investors and get back on their feet? They owe me a big chunk of $$$ so it would be nice. I must believe!

    1. They owe me a few hundred dollars too. Every month I contact them asking for the money, and every month they refer me to an old producer blog that states, “paying our composers are our biggest priority” and they are trying to catch up and have caught up on most of the payouts. Except mine of course, and yours!

      1. Yeah, it’s a 50/50 on this one I feel, but I’m patient. And it’s more than a few hundred I’m afraid…I don’t want to pull my tracks because they sell quite well each month. I also don’t want to just have them take all the money until they have to close the site…

  11. I’ve had very little sales with Revo. Maybe one sale every 3 months or so. Got much better traction from other RF site, so last week I pulled out all my tracks.

    1. I sent them an email asking to withdraw my music. Nothing happened. How did you get them to pull your music??

    1. Ok, then it must be for visuals only then. I know there was a bit of an uproar about that, so maybe they decided not to go with the 35% ? I’m going to try to find out for sure.

      1. Same here also ! Had a whole pile of racks approved last night. Is everyone aware of the of the Patent Troll issue that they were dealing with the last year or two ? It’s resolved now but it set them back big time and they’re in the process of trying to recover. It drained them financially, they had to cut back on staff, etc. probably resulting in issues that have been mentioned in this thread. They’re confident they can get things back on track but we’ll see. DI is right though, their priority seems to be visual and unfortunately music seems secondary. I always get a few sales but really nothing to write home about but still worth leaving my tracks up. Hopefully things will improve now. Also, just in case a few of you aren’t aware, they cut back contributor’s share to 35% for about 4 months, I’m sure it’s for both visual and audio, I’m not 100% sure though.

  12. Revostock appears to be dormant. Their website has said that they are no longer accepting submissions for some time.

    About 6 months ago, maybe longer, I asked to be notified if that policy changed. Since then I’ve have only received promos for new products.

    I “unsucscribed” from their mailing list, to which I never subscribed, and received an automated response with an option to comment at this address [email protected]. An email to that address was returned as undeliverable.

    Art, you may want to contact them to see if there’s a pulse.

  13. A couple of weeks ago I pulled all of my tracks, and closed my account. As was said earlier, their approval process is extremely slow, and I never really had any great sales with them. And now you don’t get paid unless you have a minimum of $100.00 in sales, which for me on that site could take many months.

  14. I have uploaded I think now 3 months ago a few tracks but they are still pending. Seems like all activity has stopped or that they are focussing on solving all the ongoing issues.
    Did anyone here notice some activity from their side (beside their few words on the producers tips part of the website)

    1. I just checked – I uploaded tracks on March 18th and they all got approved already. This might be some oversight, jaapvisser. I would contact them about it.

        1. Yeah I will contact them then 🙂 I have around 50 more tracks waiting to be uploaded, but I want to be sure first that they accept things before I spend time in processing them.

  15. Yes they do say though if you need to be paid and you are under the threshold to just email them. Also with revo, I noticed that I always sell more (of older and newer tracks) shortly after I have uploaded new tracks. Revo however, is never my top selling library for the month.

  16. I guess you are aware of what happened lately to RS, aren’t you?
    I hope they’ll sort everything out because I found to be a little but nice montly addition stream for me… Previous payment of mine was skipped and have something over their new $100 threshold to withdraw…
    I find the site often not reachable lately, I don’t know…
    Wanted to post a link to their blog concerning the whole situation, but it isn’t reachable right now.

    1. Hi Fish80, I just joined Revostock a few days ago, so I am very curious to know … what’s happening? I looked at their blog, and read about the fact that they have a backlog, but doesn’t seem too serious. So, what’s the problem you are referring to? Thanks a lot.

  17. I’ve been with this library for less than a year and I find their track approval process to be extremely slow (6-8 weeks). I have at least 100 tracks to upload that have been selling well on other sites but if I don’t see an improvement soon, I’m bailing. I understand that it must be difficult to screen hundreds of tracks each week, but if other libraries can do it…one has to wonder.

    I usually only sell one track every two weeks, which I’m ok with, if only I could upload and clear my cues quicker.

  18. Just thought I’d share the fact that I’ve had a few electronic tracks rejected by Revostock recently. On a blog post they state: ‘Currently we have a lot of “Dance/Electronica” music in our library. This does not mean we will not accept it, but it must be exceptionally good and different from what we already have.’

  19. Art & The Missus,

    I think I understand but it would be useful to me if you would clarify, because you maintain every track to your current standard of skill and software,which is constantly improving you feel it’s best to pull the tracks completely rather than have what you might consider to be an inferior piece just left sitting there?

    1. I don’t upgrade my mixes on any of the sites I’m on. That would be even more exhausting! Besides many of those tracks keep earning money on the sites that do well for me. I’d rather take the time and re-write the track sideways and have a new cue.

  20. I have been with Revostock for a little over a year. I have 278 full length tracks on their site and have sold 55. Most at the Standard tier. Gonna hang with them for awhile and see what happens with this new pricing.

    1. I have about 140 tracks but with alts they come to about 350. In the last year I’ve sold 69.

      Craig is trying to convince me to give them a few more months. Still debating it.

  21. I hope it helps…I have a ton of music there (200 sound effects too).I’ve seen sales drop off significantly over the past year and I upload new stuff monthly – also…what does “wider” mean?

        1. TV work has been a blessing, but it set my library plans back almost two years.
          I’m basically starting at square one in the RF world.

          @Art and @ the Missus, what are your reasons for leaving RevoStock…just poor sales?

          Do you think it would be a good home for work further down the food chain, i.e, work that you spent hours, rather than days on?

          1. Yes, just poor sales. It is a such competitive game we are in and as Art has said many times here, it isn’t one size fits all, its about finding a library that works well for you. We have been working with RF sites for about three years now and we are only just beginning to see the results now.

            We need to move forward and rather than just upload everything everywhere (which is so time consuming!) we plan to work with the libs that we sell well with! Jon is a great guy and Revostock model is a good one but we did not make a great deal of money with them. There are others here on MLR that have done very well:-)

            We are always going to try new libraries and are open to new opportunities but I don’t see the point in having music sitting in a library in the hope of the odd sale, if its not moving then maybe we just don’t provide what their clientele is looking for. At the same time you have to have so much patience in this game! After three years we are only just looking at the figures now and able to make a judgement call and cull some libraries.

            Also for me it is about control of your stock, my husband is the composer and I am the uploader and admin person, as we upgrade software and get better mixes I generally will go in and replace the track so the quality is always good and represents the sounds that we are producing right now, its difficult to do that when you work with 20 libraries.

            The music we upload to the RF sites is good but when he produces a batch of music for me to upload I will generally filter out the stronger tracks and give them back to him to spend more time on, remix, edit, polish and these tracks eventually go to our exclusive libs, I do follow your line Michael of the different tiers to the industry!

            1. @The Missus, thank you for your thorough explanation. Small world..ha! My Missus is going to fill a very similar role, once we downsize and move to the country!

              @Art Thanks for your reply.

              I suppose the best thing would be to test the waters, but it sounds like they’re not going to be at the top of the list, Only so many ours in a day.

          2. @MichaelL. Yes poor sales is my biggest complaint and, as “The Missus” states, the uploading and constant admin duties take up a huge amount of time for all of the various sites.

            As for a home for tracks that you have spent less time on, only trying Revostock would let you know.

  22. Just got a e-mail from Revostock that they are changing their track pricing across the board.
    Music Wide Starting Price: $60
    Music Wider Starting Price: $40
    Music Standard Starting Price: $20
    Definitely takes the guess work out of pricing your tracks, and the price points are fair IMHO. Should be interesting to see how it affects sales.

    1. @Art:
      We dont have a lot of music there but sell a few tracks every month consistently since I joined last august.

    2. Hello Art. It varies from month to month for me. I have around 90 tracks that includes alts.I sell anywhere from 2 to 7 tracks per month. My pricing is 25 35 60. Most were the standard licensing but a few were the limited and full broadcast. I’ve been having a little more success with them the last 3 – 4 months.

    3. I have been with them a year now, and have sold 31 tracks. I have 206 approved tracks on their site The majority of my sales have been for standard license. I recently raised my prices to 30 35 50.

    4. I stopped uploading to them a long time ago. Money is low, I think they favor new tracks in searches (just a hunch), % cut is low, and I’ve found that most sales are at the lowest price level. 115 tracks on there for me and 50 sales. A lot of work for small time money imo.

    1. @Johnny Boy.
      You don’t have to but then you get paid faster.
      No problems here using paypal and
      I’ve sold tracks every month since I joined.

  23. It states in the above summary that Revo Stock doesn’t charge for submitting. However, after I registered with them, I find that I have to purchase credits to submit (and give them my PayPal account info). I think I’ll pass…

    1. Really? I didn’t have to pay anything! Did they change the rules? I would have passed too if they wanted to charge me for submitting.

        1. This was in the email I received from Revo, shortly after I registered:

          “We use a credit system at Revo.  It’s easy.  1 credit = 1 dollar.  However, with Revo, you save even more by buying in bulk!”

          Can somebody explain this system to me. Do I need to purchase credits before (or after) submitting my tracks?

          1. Hey Johnny, a little further down on the email there should be a link about selling your stock media. You want to go there and if I remember correctly you then sign up as a producer. As a producer you can sell after they verify and accept. It doesn’t cost anything to join, that part of the email is for end users. Hope this helps.

  24. We won the revostock Monthly challenge for september,our first month.
    I did not even know till the prez e-mailed us just yesterday.
    Its like selling a handful of tracks.$500 gift certificate,thank you very much!

      1. Thanks Art:
        And congrats to you!
        I happened upon one of your posts
        back in august 2011 and decided to try a few of the
        sites you mentioned and Bada Boom!!

  25. Anyone ever used their mass upload excel sheet? I dont see any columns for track description or keywords…
    Do I just add these columns to the sheet?

    Thanks for any insights on this! 😉

    1. I used their Java ftp mass upload,but had to go in and
      do the rest manually. Last month was my 1st month @ Revostock
      with half a dozen sales.

      1. Thanks Dan and congrats on your sales! I had 4 licenses the last month, so thats pretty cool considering that I havent uploaded that much yet.

        I guess I gonna contact their support about this xml thing.

      2. I’ve had a few sales in my first month as well. They have been very quick at approving my tracks.
        Can I ask how you are pricing your tracks. I’m going $50.00, $30.00 and $25.00 top to bottom.

        1. Hi Gary, I charge 30, 40 and 55. I always figure that if someone really likes a track and it just fits their project – he/she won’t mind to shell out an additional 5 or 10 credits. =)

    1. Dan:
      Have not had any tracks approved yet. Have about 90 uploaded, so hopefully they will get approved soon. just got on with them last week.

      1. @Gary.
        I think you wont have any problem.
        Seems some users view the new music that
        gets on their site and sales happen for newcomers
        that way!

  26. Ok, one more question: Can you make audio templates, so I dont have to put in all the info again for every edit of the same song?

    Thanks again for your help, this is site is invaluable.

  27. Thanks for the info Dan P and kb! I just saw this notice popping up when I logged in:
    “We have received your Audio samples. Please wait for approval. We will typically review your samples within 2-3 days, but it can take longer. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us via our helpdesk.”

    So I guess I gonna be patient for a little longer and then shoot them an email if necessary. Thanks again!

  28. Same here. I signed up yesterday morning and heard back by the end of the day. Maybe check your spam folder. Or send them an email.

  29. How long did it take you guys to get approved there? I applied a month ago and haven’t heard from them since.
    Thanks in advance for any answers! =)

  30. Well that’s strange!
    After selling 3 relaxation music tracks on Revostock about a year ago and then nothing since, my track ‘Joy Rock Roller’ has just sold twice in a week, even tho it’s been up there for a while. I guess this really shows the vagaries of how music sells. Hopefully it means the track is now in a more visible place, it would be great to match something like ‘Circles’ by Darko Sarich which I see has now passed the 300 sales mark on Revostock alone.
    Onwards and upwards!

  31. Whoopie!
    Just sold a track. My fourth in a year. Not time to give up the dayjob but $13 more than I had yesterday.
    It’s called Joyrockroller so check it out if you want.
    It’s a fairly basic rock pop thing.
    Keep plugging away folks!

  32. I’ve been getting regular dough from these guys monthly for over a year and they communicate well with you. I like them.

  33. I was approved some time ago and have finally gotten going on uploading tracks. So far I’m reasonably happy with the experience and with their support responsiveness. As I’ve commented before, this industry doesn’t exist without composers and so a solid support infrastructure from these music dealers/middlemen is crucial. Many fail to recognize this but RevoStock seems to be on the ball.

    The upload process is honestly a little weird–and definitely prone to mistakes if you lose concentration for even a second–but it goes quickly once you’re in the zone. Track organization (media bins/lightboxes or whatever they call them) is clunky. But I particularly like that you can upload your original 48kHz/24bit files–no time-consuming conversions necessary here.

    Judging by some of the comments, sales seem slow, but I’ll post here with my impressions once the tracks have been up for awhile.

  34. hi there
    i sell my ae projects on revostock excuse me but revostock is great if you ask me why please look around you will see similar websites like revostock it sells your products 4 $ its even best project..but revostock gives good money..thats why i don t want to create a new project anymore..i was earning good money but i don t get i said other providers is selling our projects cheaper…but revostock gives what you deserve ..its not deal..
    thank s..

  35. I just sold my first track on Revostock and I need to get a little bit of clarification here.

    The track sold for $45 on a non-exclusive basis so that gives me 45% of the sale,
    which adds up to $20.25, but there is only $13.50 in my sales report.
    I’m fairly new to the game so maybe I overlooked some details.

    Would appreciate anyone who can ease my mind on this one.

      1. No need Jon. My bad. I checked it out again yesterday and found that my track
        sold for a wider license at $30, which makes my $13.50 spot on. Apologies
        for the rookie mistake. Revostock’s still all right by me.

  36. I joined at the end of last year as I have a large amount of Sound Effects. After uploading most of them and my music I have already sold quite a few tracks which is great but hardly any Sound Effects at all.

    Of late sales for both have stopped.

    1. same for me – sales have dried up – i have approx thirty tracks up there – in 5 months in 2009 i had 17 sales – not bad so i thought – then from jan 2010 to now 4 sales

      1. I was selling music every other day it was fantastic. Now it’s completely dead. Nothing. I have a feeling that because my music was new it was coming up more in the searches. Now the honeymoon is over and they are buried in the pile 🙁

  37. I just uploaded a few tracks via FTP (for initial approval) and once they were transferred I expected a message of some sort saying we’ll contact you or something – but nothing ?

    I waited then closed the window – so do I just wait for a response or did something go wrong ?

    Thanks..john (not that john,or the other john but a different john entirely 🙂 )

      1. thanks man..

        one more question – I labeled the 3 songs and hit upload into system – again I thought l’d see something like we’ll contact you (or something) – the songs disappeared so I guess everything went well – wait for an email then ?

        (the site to me is a bit confusing ? )


          1. Thanks for your help but there’s no “my uploads” button etc. – I’m thinking I setup the wrong profile (buyer instead of seller ?) – profile is asking me to choose favorite producer and says I haven’t downloaded anything –

            my songs are still in the FTP system – does that mean they weren’t uploaded ?
            I titled them and followed directions to submit

            I dunno…I’ve dealt with my share of libraries but never saw a website laid out this way – to cluttered with stuff in my opinion

            1. I figured it out..I was retitling the songs (from file name to song title) when I transferred them from the FTP folder into the upload window – that of course changed the file and when I hit submit,it did nothing – once I figured it out I got the message I was looking for saying they’ll contact me in 1-5 days or something..thanks..john

              1. John,
                As you know you’ve been approved, and we got your first batch of uploads done as well. Good stuff! We’re usually able to get uploads approved in 3-4 days.

                To everyone else, my e-mail is below, I’ll be posting on here now but you can e-mail me any questions as well.

                Jon Webster
                Audio Manager
                [email protected]

                1. I actually already had a sale @ Revostock – thank you Jon 🙂

                  once I got used to the site it was pretty easy – it’s just a bit different than what i’m used to – thanks again – John

  38. Where have my posts gone ????? I gave a valid comment on how I have a few hundred SFX sounds with no sales and no response on the forums. Is this site being censored now ?

        1. I have a few hundred qulity SFX up there and not one sale. Nobody replies on the forums. The place seems a ghost town. Hugely disappointing.

          1. You are experiencing the same thing that I have on this site and many others. I have come to find out that many libraries are just digital wastelands, where tracks sit and take up hard drive space with a 1 in 10,000 chance of most music ever being licensed through that site. I hope that I do not come off as a curmudgeon, but I do not think many library owners have what it takes to successfully run a business.

            1. I’m fairly happy with RevoStock. I have been averaging 2 to 3 sales a month (5 in November) on about 150 tracks so I started ramping up the uploads and will see what that turns into. I always set maximum price except for loops and stingers. I stopped uploading loops and stingers as I’ve never sold any. YMMV.

              1. I agree with Art. I’ve had my files there for about 7 months. At least a sale or two per month is fine by me. It’s not going to pay my bills that’s for sure but a little extra money is great. I have a few SFX and the rest are songs and stingers.

              2. See, that is the weird thing about music libraries. There is really no rhyme or reason to it all. You are successful with this site but you are having trouble making sales at AudioSparx. I guess that is really why I do not get upset with sites.

                For whatever reason, some sites work better for me than others. I guess that this is why it is good to place music in as many sites as possible.

                1. The ONLY site that sells my music is Pump Audio. I really don’t know why it is so low in the ratings. Revostock hasn’t made me one SFX sale with hundreds uploaded. Pond5 get’s me a few sales every day !

                2. Well so far with 339 SFX and music files after a few weeks I have had zero sales. When I joined Pond5 I got sales almost instantly. My files are of high quality with low pricing.

  39. I didn’t realize that they sold them individually, I thought SFX were sold in big bunches at once. Where would be a good place to sell them through (not Revostock I assume)?

    1. I imagine an sfx track can be anything from a chicken clucking to the honking of a car horn. Probably can make a hundred of these in one day.

      1. You could but there is a lot of editing and key wording too. I have built these up over about 16 months.

        I have looked at the SFX files on the site and even with the “most Downloads” order selected there isn’t a lot of activity of buyers. BTW- Revostock is taking a long time to review the sounds.

  40. I have sold a decent amount of SFX on Revostock. I wouldn’t call it ‘success’ for me, just some extra money once in a while. I only have a few up that have sold multiple times.

    I uploaded mine because I saw lots of other artists making sales.

  41. So as they pay Pro royalties, am I right in thinking I should submit my PRS registered tracks as well as my royalty free ?

    Anyone have good success selling SFX files as I am putting a lot up ?

  42. I uploaded three tracks for the application, but I can’t see if they are pending or not… I mean, I can’t find the info about the state of my submission anywhere on the site. Could someone please help me?

    1. Go to Producer Tools, then My Uploads and they should be there with the word ‘Pending’ in a yellow box above each track. You receive an email when they have been approved.

  43. I’ve just told revostock to close my account as i was disgusted to see, as an artist, i only get 45% of sales!!! this is totally unfair and i feel they are scamming people.

    Most other places give a fair 50 / 50 split which is totally fair. Under no circumstances should any site like revostock take more then the artists, its total bs!!

    Anyone thinking of using them for music i would say dont! try pond5 instead, i have more success with pond5 then any other site so far.

    Hope this helps

    1. Some libraries don’t even give you any of the licensing fees (just PRO royalties). Pump Audio gives 35%, but they also give 50% of the publishing PRO royalties.

      1. Its partly my own fault, I should have read the garbage before hand but there is so much stuff to read lol … one mistake i wont be making again trust me.

        I will not accept less then 50% and the more people that do the more they are saying it is acceptable to do so, plus they will even try and reduce it further so you get jack!!

        As most artists, we spend much time on our music to be enjoyed by people and theres nothing worse then being abused by these companies. At the end of the day if it was not for our music there site would not have a purpose. Its about time artists stood up and took back whats rightfully theirs!

        next they will be asking for 45% of the copyright lol!

        as more and more people are buying music on the net, record labels are feeling the pressure, anyone now can produce, mix, master, release and distribute their own music
        while having greater control of how it is handled, this make me happy!

        Its up to artists to get a fair deal and not accept second best 🙂


    2. Oh, you still didn’t discovered Istockaudio. They pay 15% to their nonexclusive artists, and yet they have thousands of them submitting their music every day…

  44. One thing I like about this site is that your tracks get alot of traffic, especially if it is editor’s choice. Also, the customer service and statistics are great in my experience. What I like also is that they do not take your publishing rights (or writer’s), so if you sell a track that will be broadcast on TV/Radio, cue sheets are given to the purchaser to submit to the broadcaster (to send to your PRO). Maybe other sites operate this way as well, but I just wanted to share a positive experience. I’ve had 3 sales in about a month out of 20 tracks and sfx. The upfront license fees are not much to speak of but two of the tracks will have cue sheets submitted.

    1. How do you know two of your tracks will have cue sheets submitted? They don’t give you any info on who purchases your tracks or what they are going to be used for.

    2. Just to correct my comment for accuracy. These tracks sold at the level 3 license do not necessarily have cue sheets submitted since they may have been used in a DVD or some other wide release according to Revostock. I’ll wait until I see it in ASCAP before I make a comment about it next time:-)

  45. I have just been approved to upload my tracks. Have you guys kept the standard “bargain” pricing in there or changed it?

      1. OK but doesn’t that reduce your chances of selling more of your music or does everyone tend to set max prices? I guess it evens out anyway?

  46. Does anyone know how much time does it take usually to have your tracks reviewed by Revostock? I’ve uploaded and submitted about 6 days ago and my tracks are still “Pending”…


  47. Can’t get the upload to work with the sites uploader or my own FTP software. Both say to check username password combo. Doesn’t make sense as I’m logged in with my account on Revostock and it says to check my password when trying to upload. Weird.

    Anyone have this problem and figure it out?

    1. I saw the message on their homepage few days ago about technical problems with uploading tracks.

      As for prices – there are three pricing options for different licenses (user can change it any tme) – 30, 40 and 60usd (maximum prices).

      Also there is a nice feature – viewing most searchable keywords (of course, “wedding” is the first position:-))

  48. I agree with Dan and Vincent – i have had approx thirty tracks with them since last june and 10 of them have been downloaded, some more than once for a total of 18 downloads – doesn’t bring in a lot of cash but it is fairly regular – as was mentioned the prices are on the low side but worth doing as its all non exclusive – maybe think about the starbucks approach and have your stuff for sale on every corner?

  49. They have recently introduced the option of setting your own price but within certain boundaries – and those boundaries are still on the low side.

    I’ve been with them over a year now and have made a decent amount of money compared to some other royalty free sites – sometimes the volume of sales makes up for the lower price point. I would say if you’ve got tracks non exclusively with other royalty free libraries, why not go with these guys too – it should add something to your income.

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