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Newbie Info


As MLR attracts more and more newbies to the music library world I’m collecting various posts that deal with recurring questions. Please check these links first! Continue reading

Earn Free Access To MLR


While it is true that there is a charge to access the music library listings there are many areas that remain free and include a wealth of knowledge. There are also ways you can gain free access to the music library listings by helping to build into a better site and a more vibrant community. So…

1.) Earn one month free access. Review a music library. You must have been with the library for at least 1 year. It should be an in-depth review, at least 500 – 600 words, read like a magazine review and delivered in a Word doc file. It should include:

1.) How long you have been with them.
2.) The number of tracks with them.
3.) Amount of income generated (nothing specific, 2 figure, 3 figure, 4 figure, etc. per month.)
4.) Communication response times.
5.) What genre sells the best for you.
6.) Filling in any of the missing details in the MLR listing of that library.
7.) You can remain anonymous but I will need your name and user name for the site you are reviewing.

Please contact me first with the libraries you are considering as many have already been reviewed.

2.) Earn three months free access. Write a compelling article on a subject you think would be of interest to the music library composer community. It should be in-depth, at least 1500 – 2000 words, professional and delivered in a Word doc file. Contact me first on your subject.

3.) Earn one month free access. Review a piece of music hardware or software. It should be an in-depth review, at least 500 – 600 words, read like a magazine review and delivered in a Word doc file.

Examples are here and here

Please contact me first as to what products you are planning to review. Please do not plagiarize, reviews will be checked here

Thank you.


Newbie Questions


One of our readers, Ev, came up with the suggestion to have a section devoted to newbie questions regarding music libraries, music licensing, copyright, music publishing etc. There a lot of experienced people on this site and many are happy to share their wisdom. So, if you are a newbie (or not), and have a question, try leaving it here.

Of course many questions have already been answered here. First try searching in the search bar in the upper right hand corner. Also Google is your friend! I have found one of the best ways to search a site is use site specific criteria at Google’s web site. In other words, to search for a specific keyword, say “contracts”, type it in at Google like this “contracts”. Do not use the quotes.

If you still can’t find your answer then leave a comment here and someone will most likely come to your rescue!

Earn $400-$500 per song. Create new versions of old hits.


John Fulford, one of our readers at, would like to hire someone to re-produce old hit songs in new and inventive ways. John is willing to pay $400-$500 per song, 1/2 upfront.

He would need vocal mixes along with an instrumental mix. You should be aware that, because these are existing songs, there is no backend royalties as a writer and John would own the masters. As for artist royalties, I doubt there would be any.

Folks can email links of their production skills to: John AT JohnFulfordMusic DOT com. He will listen and decide on who to pick.

There are no immediate time constraints and he will probably be buying one at a time. As mentioned, he can pay half upfront after discussing the song selection/genre with the producer.

I am passing this information along as a service and I am not endorsing it nor am I involved in this in any way, financial or otherwise. Please do your due diligence.