Music Library Report was born out of the ideas and conversations on the FMPro list (now defunct). This list discusses issues related to composing music for film and TV but certainly not limited to only those topics.  The concern of many is the state of affairs regarding music libraries, i.e. companies that will negotiate with a composer to represent their music on the world stage or any company that professes to have a composer’s best interest at heart.  Our intent is to report on as many as we can, both the good and the bad! These are based on other composer’s experiences, in hopes of educating others when they are confronted with making a decision about a particular company.  Your comments and experiences will help others and ultimately all. We are not interested in slandering anyone or any company, just your experiences and honest opinions. You do not need to use your real name or e-mail address when leaving a comment but we do reserve the right to edit or remove any comment we feel has gone beyond the bounds of civility.

How To Use This Site:

IMPORTANT!: You are encouraged to leave your personal experiences but please do not post comments that slander, unless you are willing to provide me your name, proof and a valid e-mail address (which will remain private). Comments such as “This company is a scam” or “This company posts fake listings”, without such information, will be removed. Also, leaving comments that are self-aggrandizing, non-productive or otherwise false and misleading will cause you to be banned from the site. Please think before commenting and make sure your facts are straight!

Do NOT send us e-mails on submitting your music. Music Library Report is a directory of music libraries and services. The appropriate place to e-mail is directly to the companies listed here. See the list of libraries in the right hand column under “Access Music Libraries”. Click on any of the listed libraries to be taken to their listing and readers comments. From there you will find a link to the company’s website.

Please contact us with any music libraries you would like us to add. If you would like to exchange links with us please contact us here.

Stay Up To Date: Follow the latest postings by subscribing to our RRS feed by clicking on the orange icon at the top of the page. More specifically https://musiclibraryreport.com/comments/feed is likely the most active. More info on RRS feeds is here.

This site is a work in progress so any ideas are most appreciated! Contact.

Thank you!

Art Munson


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