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One of our readers, Ev, came up with the suggestion to have a section devoted to newbie questions regarding music libraries, music licensing, copyright, music publishing etc. There a lot of experienced people on this site and many are happy to share their wisdom. So, if you are a newbie (or not), and have a question, try leaving it here.

Of course many questions have already been answered here. First try searching in the search bar in the upper right hand corner. Also Google is your friend! I have found one of the best ways to search a site is use site specific criteria at Google’s web site. In other words, to search for a specific keyword, say “contracts”, type it in at Google like this “contracts”. Do not use the quotes.

If you still can’t find your answer then leave a comment here and someone will most likely come to your rescue!

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  1. How many months after a cue’s first air date would you wait before contacting your PRO about a missing cue sheet?

    I thought I saw something like that on the site here, but can’t find it on the site.

    1. Hi Greg,

      Cue sheets aren’t due until the last day of the quarter, following the quarter in which the program aired. For example, if you had a cue air on September 20, 2011, the cue sheet would not be due until December 31, 2011.

      So, in theory, you should wait until after the end of the quarter following the performance. Even then, it sometimes takes the PRO a little time to get it into the system, unless it was filed electronically.

      Check your PRO’s rules / procedure. As I recall, ASCAP gives you a fairly precise (limited) window of opportunity to file your claim.

      And…once you do file a claim, you will most likely wait another quarter to get paid.

      I filed a claim with ASCAP in March for programs that aired in the 3rd Q 2011, and won’t get paid until July.



      1. Thanks for the reply Michael. Guess the best way to get cues sheets submitted is to post a question about it here.

        I logged into my ascap account and the missing sheet was there ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hi Johnnyboy,

    The answer to your question is …it depends. It depends on the circumstances regarding why and how you want to remove the work.

    I just switched my writer membership from ASCAP to BMI. I plan to move some of my tracks from my ASCAP publishing company to my BMI publishing company. From what I’ve been told, I am able to do this because I also publish other writers’ works. My understanding is that if I did not publish other writers’ works I would have to resign my publisher membership as well. All of my older works, published by other ASCAP publishers will remain with ASCAP.

    What is your goal in removing this particular track?



    1. This was just a track I registered myself (no publisher). Since it was just signed with an exclusive publisher, it is no longer necessary. Just trying to get rid of any unnecessary clutter in my catalog. Not a big deal.

      Thanks for replying Michael.

      1. Hi Johnnyboy,

        In that case you can just transfer the publishing from you to the new publisher, and that will eliminate the redundancy. Of course, if the new publisher retitled, you’re probably stuck with the clutter.



        1. I have transferred publishing before and you just need a letter signed by both parties involved and ASCAP will do it.

  3. Wondering if anyone else has ever tried to delete a track from your ASCAP catalog? I tried this week. I was told by ASCAP’s title registration personnel that they won’t delete any tracks.

  4. axiomdreams, yes, you will get more money, but late and without details.

    You can talk with your accountant and figure out a way for you to pay lass tax in your country because of the US tax deduction.

    1. Ok, man I wish there was a way to win from both ends or even find an in between solution, but I guess I’ve gotta choose 1.. Hmmm..
      I’ve gotta decide yeah.. & too bad TuneSat ain’t cheap, especially not with lots of production music..
      Thanks so much for these awesome infos mUSIC! U’ve opened my eyes some more..


      1. Yes, I see what you means…I am also not from the US and I had to find this info alone so its my pleasure ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. U are a very kind & generous soul =D
          Don’t mind me asking, did U decide to go with Ur PRO or BMI?

          1. Thank you axiomdreams ๐Ÿ™‚

            I am with BMI, and very happy.

            BYW, what kind of music you do?

          2. Cool.. I wanna go BMI too =)
            I write various genres: Orchestral, Rock, Pop, World, Corporate.. but my main specialty is Dark Energetic Electronica..
            I’l pm U a link now, of some of these DEE works of mine..


          3. Let me know how I can PM U?
            Also, one more thing.. Does BMI pay Us through paypal?

          4. BMI pays in checks or in direct deposit, but this is for US only.
            Leave your email address and I will contact you.

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