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Hybrid Tracks

Example 1:

Example 2: Has both orchestral and electronic elements.

Below is another another great example of an Orchestral Hybrid with Dubstep elements that is the underscore for a video game trailer from the beginning to 0:02:45.

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Filing Cue Sheets

So, I have a big hole in my education when it comes to filing cue sheets. Recently a company in Ireland licensed a piece of music for a commercial to be aired in Ireland. This was through Audiosparx (AS) and AS did send me the track usage info and cue sheet. I know I should file the cue sheet but am a bit in the dark with foreign usage and the proper procedure. I know AS would did this for me but I’m not willing to give up that income for something I can do myself, once I learn.

I also received a cue for a piece sold for Internet broadcast that was sold through Productiontrax and in the dark about filing that cue sheet also.

I know I could go to BMI for this info but thought I would start a thread as I’m sure others could have questions along this line.

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Production Music Glossary

TimV suggested a glossary of production music or library music terms and I thought it was a great idea.

To quote Tim:
“For example, I would like to see definitions of sting, sting out, and needle drop. (I once tried to google “sting out”, but all I got were articles about treating mosquito bites.) Someone else recently asked for a definition of trailer music.”

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