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BMI Acquisition: What Songwriters Need to Know

The recent acquisition of Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI) by New Mountain Capital, a private equity giant, has sent shock waves through the music industry, particularly among songwriters who rely on BMI for royalty collection and advocacy.

What Does This Mean for Songwriters?

While the full picture is still forming, here’s a breakdown of the potential positives and negatives for songwriters:

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The alphabet soup of today’s music industry.

By Michael Nickolas

ISRC, UPC, EAN, ISWC, IPI/CAE – codes, codes and more codes! As a music creator selling, licensing, distributing and streaming your product, you’re going to run across these acronyms. What do they stand for and what will they do for you? How do you get them? I’ll cover the details of each of these below.

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