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Newbie Info


As MLR attracts more and more newbies to the music library world I’ve collected various posts that deal with recurring questions. Please check these links first!

Read First!

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How to write Production Music

Reality check — How much can you earn?

Also please read Exclusive, Non-Exclusive, Re-Titling Music, Opinions.

General Primer (Thanks Mark Petrie!)

More great info from MichaelL. Scroll down to his reply to Cari.

The Best Music Libraries?

Types Of Music Libraries

Definitions Of Library Types – Topic Thread

Royalty Free, Re-titling and Non-Exclusive Libraries:

Royalty Free Libraries. Should You? Who’s Right?

Should I Sign With A ReTitle Library?

PMA (Production Music Association) meeting on Non-Exclusive libraries and retitling


Legal Services
Volunteer Lawyers For The Arts


How Much For Your Copyright?

Copyright Questions

CWR (Common Works Registration) 101

Composition, Editing, Mastering:

Production Music Glossary

Why Music Tracks Get Rejected

Sample Library Suggestions

Cue Tips

“Mastering – What’s The Deal?”

Alternate Mixes, Cut Downs, Stems




Metadata – Keywords – Descriptions:

Music Keywording Techniques




Staying Organized

Keeping Track – 1

Keeping Track – 2

What Should I Charge For Custom Music?

What Should I Charge?

Composing For Indie Projects

YouTube Music Issues:

YouTube Music – GoDigital – Audioswap

GoDigital Media Group

General Info:

Money For Nothing Chicks For Free!


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