TV Networks That Pay Performance Royalties

Thanks to Music1234 for this spreadsheet. Please leave your comments if you have any information on networks/channels that we can designate as paying, or not paying, performance royalties. I will update spreadsheet.

36 thoughts on “TV Networks That Pay Performance Royalties”

  1. I’d say this is a must watch:

    Todd Brebac, former Executive Vice President and Worldwide Director of Membership for ASCAP and an entertainment law attorney and industry consultant. stated 11:30 in: “In the U.S. 3.1 Billion comes in as revenue to all USA PRO’s:

    Revenue collected by USA PRO’s:

    1. Network TV – $225 Million
    2. Cable TV – $625 Million
    3. Foreign Countires – $775 Million
    4. On Line Streaming – $1 Billion is now the largest source of revenue for the USA PRO’s ! up from 2007 when $55 Million in revenue was generated.


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