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As MLR attracts more and more newbies to the music library world I’ve collected various posts that deal with recurring questions. Please check these links first! Continue reading

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Just a reminder that the forum is not a place for any specific music library related questions or comments except for here (subscription required). Please ask them under a particular library’s listing. It’s the only way to build a knowledge base of composer’s experiences. Any forum references to a particular library will be deleted.

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Viewing 15 topics - 1 through 15 (of 1,896 total)

Composer Interviews – Earn Free Access

One of our subscribers pointed out that the composer interview section hasn’t been updated in a while. To be included you must have some experience in the field and you must be earning at least 5 figures annually as a production music composer (we have enough interviews at 4 figures and under). The interviews will always be available free of charge (they will not require a subscription to access).

Those accepted will receive one month free access. If you have a lifetime membership you can donate the free month to a friend. Continue reading

MLR Video Channel

So, I’ve started an MLR video channel as it’s something I have been wanting to do for awhile. Right now it’s just a few “explainer” videos with basic concepts that I’m pulling from our e-book.

I would like to expand it as time goes by and I thought it would be great to get ideas from the MLR community for future videos. They are only 60 seconds long so the concept has to be succinct. If anyone has ideas or would want to try their hand at a script you would get credit, for writing the script, and use your music (if you would like) also with credit.

Any ideas, or takers on writing a script, let me know. Either way I will be adding more videos on a regular basis. Click below to check out the channel so far. Comments welcome!

Are You Being Heard?

Review – iZotope’s Neutron 2

Intelligent Mixing Tool – iZotope’s Neutron 2

By J. Scaturro

iZotope’s award winning, research-driven audio technology includes a suite of products that give you new ways of treating your mixes with intelligent tools for modernizing and elevating your sound. Included in their product line is Neutron 2, a versatile mixing plugin consisting of multiple sound shaping modules and powerful audio analysis tools including Track Assistant, Masking Meter and the Visual Mixer.

Neutron 2 is part of iZotope’s line of intelligent DSP plugins for Windows and Mac, available in AAX, RTAS, VST2, VST3 and Audio Unit formats. Plugins are offered separately and in bundles such as the Music Production Suite and 08N2.  Each plugin comes in three versions: Elements, Standard and Advanced, each adding additional features.  For simplicity, I’ll focus on the Standard level of Neutron 2. The feature comparison charts on the iZotope website will give you details for each version.
Continue reading


by Robin Munson

You know, we never discuss politics on MLR.  It’s okay.  My mother taught me never to talk about religion or politics in mixed company.  In fact, she taught me never to talk about religion or politics at all! It always leads to big arguments.  It ruins friendships, wrecks marriages, and nobody ever gets converted.  To put it another way, as Art and I have so often observed, “You can’t tell anybody anything!” So, we won’t start talking politics now.

However, we can talk about meta-politics.  (I just made that word up.)  In other words, we can talk about how politics, on the whole, affect us.  And that, I think, most of us can agree on.  Say what you will about the past year, but it’s been full of politics!  People have been yammering away about what’s happening in Washington, and the talk has not been pretty! Continue reading