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Podcast with Synchronized!

Check out the podcast interview I recently had with “Synchronized!”. Ferry and Simon are great hosts and I had a wonderful time. If you want to hear a bit about my past, present, future and what else is lurking in my brain you can listen below.
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Larrivée C-03R-TE Tommy Emmanuel

by Marcos H. Bolaños 

Larrivée C-03R-TE Tommy Emmanuel When discussing who is the greatest guitarist in the world, we all tend to have our favorites. But when it comes to acoustic guitar and finger-picking style, the name Tommy Emmanuel usually comes to everyone’s mind. So it’s not surprising that one of the best acoustic guitar players of all time and one of the finest guitar manufacturers in the world come together to develop a new instrument.
From such big names in the industry, we can only expect the very best. But does the C-03R TE deliver?

Review – RC-20 Retro Color by XLN Audio

by Kurt Loewen

The RC-20 by XLN audio is an affordable and versatile production tool that every producer and engineer should have at their disposal.  According to XLN, RC-20 should be on everything…including the master.  And I have to say that after using this liberally over the past 6 months I must agree.

XLN - RC20

Use the 6 settings of Noise, Wobble, Distort, Digital, Space and Magnetic individually or use them all together to create truly one of a kind effects!  Setting the magnitude dial of the overall plugin will give you either more color or more signal depending on where you set it, while each individual setting comes with its own color/signal knob. (more…)