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Build Your Own Music Library Website

A number of folks have raised the question of building their own music library website for selling music. There are a number of eCommerce solutions out there but not many that work well with production type music. Below are three, from free to wildly expensive.

Here’s what I know of so far. If you have any suggestions to add to this list please let me know in the comment section.

Composer Space
Music licensing Software from Mark Lewis and it’s free!
Source Audio

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Music Maven Consulting – Free To First 5 Composers!

Hey All,

Two colleagues of mine are starting a consulting business to help musicians and libraries navigate the crazy world of cue sheets, metadata and PRO’s. The company is called Music Maven and was formed by Phil Bright and Geoff Siegel.

Phil has owned Pfilbryte Production Music for 20 years and has thousands of placements in TV, film and video games. He also developed his own software to catalog and track cue sheets and reconcile them against PRO statements.

Geoff has run Fundamental Music for 12 years. Fundamental reps independent artists for TV and film placement, does custom work for advertising and has a small production library.

They’re offering the first 5 MLR members that private message me a free 30 minute consult. They want to get a feel for what areas are the most important to musicians concerning cue sheets, statements, PRO’s, etc. So, you’d be helping them as much as I think they can help you guys with these important aspects of our business.

Contact Geoff at geoff [at] fundamentalmusic [dot] com. If you are a human you will know how to decipher that e-mail address. 🙂


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