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    I thought this would be of interest to you guys. The quote below was taken from an article about the Discovery Network (see link below). Discovery going the way of Scripps network?

    “The Discovery Channel is seeking to directly license music from composers via buyouts as it rewrites terms of contracts with production studios, according to industry sources close to the discussions. Discovery has informed composers and musicians that it will require composers and musicians to sign licensing contracts similar to those used by Scripps Networks Interactive, which it acquired last year, according to the same individuals.”

    Michael Nickolas

    Thanks. That’s an important article to share.

    Kery Michael

    There’s also this lovely article, it’s more of how Netflix doesn’t want to pay out for music. As well as how it hides its streaming numbers, so how it one supposed to calculate royalties when you don’t know how popular a show is?


    Will ASCAP, BMI and other PRO’s help to fight this?

    Kevin Pike

    I don’t know. I checked the BMI website and see nothing about it. Time to contact them.


    It never stops amazing me how the big corporate monsters are always seeking cost savings from musicians, those who are always the last to be paid, and they also are the least paid when you compare compensation to actors, voice over talents, film directors, and film editors. Performance Royalties are all we have. Yes, absolutely everyone should join this group. Everyone should not only be contacting the PRO’s but really encourage the source: the libraries representing our music. They are the one’s enabling this by signing contracts where they direct license our tracks. And guess what? that revenue they collect in those deals is not shared with contributors to the library. Essentially Discovery, if they win this battle will get our music, the libraries supplying them will get their up front fee, we will earn $0. It’s already happening with ESPN, and SCRIPPS networks. Informing Congress is a good idea too. This industry needs to be regulated so there is some sort of payment to music producers. 5


    I agree Music1234! Big business exists to make as much money as they can. That’s just the way it works!. We are easy targets. We need to fight back! Please contact music libraries, performing rights societies, our government anyone that’s relevant! I love making music and I want to be fairly compensated for it. I don’t think that’s too much to ask!


    Important for all to sign up to this group: – supported and endorsed by the heavy weights as well (aka Bear McCready, HZ, John Powell, Gabriel Mann, Joel Beckerman, Miriam Cutler, David Vanacore et al…)

    Bill Pearson


    YES!!! Please sign up. Discovery will have a huge impact not only on their channels, but on the rest of the industry. This is the first shot across the bow, and you can BET all the other networks are watching carefully.

    We won’t need PRO’s or MLR in the near future if this power play move for our money is successful. Our careers will go the way of blacksmiths and telegraph operators.

    Art Munson

    YES!!! Please sign up.

    I’ve known Miriam going back years. I will ask her if she would like to post something here. Maybe we can help grow the wave of anger!

    NY Composer

    I’m gonna contact my local Congressman and see if he can research if any hard case law exists.

    Let’s start a F**king revolution 🙂


    Discovery, if they win this battle will get our music, the libraries supplying them will get their up front fee, we will earn $0.

    What about libraries whose model is to provide music gratis for the purpose of collecting publishing revenue on the backend, who have been supplying Discovery? This would potentially have a negative ripple effect across the board, causing further harm to composers, beyond just Discovery networks.


    Yes, the ripple effect would be huge. Anyone who depends on PRO revenue for placements on this network’s channels will get royally screwed.
    Even worse than changing this arranged for future music use, Discovery is considering replacing all the music on previously produced shows with direct licensed tracks. So those people currently making revenue on reruns would also lose out on that income stream.

    And as someone else already said, sign into and speak up.


    Shared from a friend… Please make the tweet as suggested below (copy/paste). If you don’t have a Twitter account, it takes only a few minutes to create one. Spread the word!

    The Your Music Your Future community needs your help, right now. Discovery Networks is planning to cut composer and songwriter income by 90% as of December 31st. Variety even called them out on it. So we’re rallying together to take immediate ACTION to help stop them.
    Action step: Please tweet as early as possible TODAY, Monday, December 16th. Here’s a tweet you can copy and paste:

    Happy Holidays, composers! @Discovery Networks found a way to cut your income by 90%. RT if you want composers to be paid fairly. @Gold_Rush @DeadliestCatch @StreetOutlaws #DiscoveryGreed #yourmusicyourfuture @yrmusicyrfuture

    Whatever you decide to tweet, please use the link ( and include the same hashtags (#DiscoveryGreed and #yourmusicyourfuture) for maximum impact!
    Discovery is even pressuring composers to take the 90% cut going backwards for shows that are already on the air. The threat is that if they don’t take the deal, Discovery will strip these composers’ music out of all their existing shows (!), and the composers will never work with any of the networks again.
    If we don’t take a stand right now, this practice will spread to other network groups and everyone will be paid much less money in the future—both composers and songwriters. And where will great composers come from when they can no longer make a living?
    At the time of this email, YMYF has signed up more than 6,400 composers. As a community, we have formidable power if everyone tweets. But we all need to take immediate action. Be proud of the community you’ve helped create. Now let’s put it to work.

    Creator groups from around the world, inspired by Your Music Your Future, have pledged to tweet with us in support of composers TODAY. Please be sure to do your part!

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