Beatpick – Mirjam Swart

I’d like to thank Mirjam Swart, for taking the time to answer some questions for Music Library Report.

1.) Your company’s philosophy. is an online one-stop music licensing shop; Our music licensing system is quick, easy and efficient. All music is pre-cleared.  Free music consultancy and supervision is available upon request. We share earnings 50/50 with the artists and we offer non-exclusive agreements that can be terminated anytime. Back end royalties belong 100% to the musicians.

2.) Type of business model (royalty free, traditional) and why you chose it.

* Instant and online music licensing for Film, TV and Advertising. 50/50 split sync fee.  Back end royalties 100% to the artists

* In-store background music.  (Opportunity open only to ASCAP, BMI and SESAC members)

* The agreement with artists is non-exclusive and can be terminated anytime.

*No re-titling

* Free use of music for non commercial purposes (valid email address and project description is  provided by the downloader and checked)

3.) How long you have been in business.

Launched in February 2006

4.) Credits

Hundreds of companies and individuals have licensed music at
in the past 3 years of business operations.
Please find below a short list of some of the companies that have used our music:

20th Century Fox (Film)
Mercedes Benz (Compilation CDs, Commercial Podcast, Portable Devices)
Ralph Lauren (Fashion Show)
Scott Winter Sports (Advertising, Internet Video)
The Travel Channel (Advertising)
Original Marines (In-Stores Video Advertising)
Toyota (Advertising)
Dodge (Advertising)
Chevrolet (Portable Devices / USB Pen Drive)
ServicePlan (Advertising) / (Games)
Fedora (Games / Software)
K-SWISS (Advertising)
Apollinaris (cd compilation)
Rosenblum TV (World Leader in video journalism)
Puma (Advertising)
Samsung (Advertising)

5.) How do you feel about re-titling.

We do not do re-titling. We think that the more the options the better. It is up to the musician to decide what works best for him/her.

6.) Do you specialize in one particular genre of music? selects the best independent musicians. We receive over 400 music submissions per month, and generally only accept 5% of these artists. We cover every possible musical genre, from 1950s Italian opera all the way to 2009 pulsating Hip Hop, from Americana country rock to Electronic experiments.

7.) Does the proliferation of so much music and so many music libraries online detract from anyone making a decent income?

We think that the more the options the better. However it is great to have places such as library review where you can get advice and read feedback.


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