DigitalMix – Vincent Castellucci

Here are Vincent’s answers to some questions I had.

1.) Your company’s philosophy.

Licenses granted at the producer’s budget. Commercially released music by well known artists, owning master and publishing rights 100% worldwide.

2.) Type of business model (royalty free, traditional) and why you chose it.

Top shelf, hand selected, commercially released music targeted specifically for visual production enhancement.

3.) How long you have been in business.

Six years

4.) Credits

From 007 movies to Sex and the City to HBO specials.

5.) Your history in the music business.

Former head of the Harry Fox Agency licensing division and OPUS director at Chappell and Warner/Chappell.


6.) How do you feel about re-titling.

Fine with my company and allowable.

7.) What is the average income a user makes with your company.

The best fees that each license opportunity will allow and in accordance with the producer.

8.) Do you specialize in one particular genre of music.

See genres on (all)

9.) Does the proliferation of so much music and so many music libraries online detract from anyone making a decent income.

Absolutely, but I have a solution, just ask.

Thanks Vincent for taking the time to answer!



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