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I’d like to thank Suzanne Hilleary, president and founder of WACBIZ for taking the time to answer some questions about our corner of the world!

1.) Your company’s philosophy.

We believe all Artists should own and control their work. Non-Exclusive is our key word, and we are anti-retitles and blanket licenses.

2.) Type of business model (royalty free, traditional) and why you chose it.

We are royalty free and non-exclusive, you get far more famous and creative titles and Artists this way, it is the only way in the new music world.

3.) How long you have been in business.

I have been in the business 21 years, this business was launched in April 2003, almost 7 years new, I say this as everyday has new opportunities and new Artists!

4.) Credits

We are in house at BMI, ASCAP, SESAC, on the board of the Hollywood Music Media Awards, ABC Radio Fame Games, and placements from MTV, NBC,HBO to FOX, Lakeshore Films to Sony Pictures, Paramount etc.

5.) Your history in the music business.

Starting with 5 years in Management for Tony Bennett, Signing Rock Bands, Placing hit songs like “Smooth” to Carlos Santana and launching a Writers, Artists, Composers to have the best music for film&TV placements

6.) How do you feel about re-titling. NO WAY

7.) What is the average income a user makes with your company.

There is no average as there are over 700 catalogues. TV placement is average at 3k, Film at 10k, Ads at 20K

8.) Do you specialize in one particular genre of music.

No, we represent all music from the Tychlovski Symphony to the Dropkick Murphys and everything in between. If we don’t have it, we find it and know just who to call!

9.) Any best selling genres.

Lately it has been Classic Rock from the 70s, last year it was hip hop, Pop Rock is always asked for too,

10.) Best number of variations (30, 60, stings).

Full Songs always, with Instrumental TV tracks when available

11.) Does the proliferation of so much music and so many music libraries online detract from anyone making a decent income.

What the problem is is “FREE” when young MySpace bands give things away, it takes away from the income Artists deserve. Nothing should be Free, everything has a price as Artist work and musicianship has a strong value.

Thank you Art, I hope that answers those questions clearly…here is my bio form the HMMA site:

Suzanne HillearySuzanne Hilleary, is the president and founder of WACBIZ, LLC, a New York based music licensing company.  Her vast multi-media experience started at RPM Music Productions, management offices to the legendary Tony Bennett.  SHMGMT, Inc was formed as Suzanne went solo in 1998, managing writers and producers while signing acts to major labels.  As a highlight in her career, she placed “Smooth” with Carlos Santana, garnering a Grammy for Song of the Year in 2000 for her client, writer/producer Itaal Shur. “Smooth”- “Supernatural” has sold 32 million records world wide to date.


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