TV Networks That Pay Performance Royalties

Thanks to Music1234 for this spreadsheet. Please leave your comments if you have any information on networks/channels that we can designate as paying, or not paying, performance royalties. I will update the spreadsheet.

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  1. Hi all,

    I know this is old news but I’m trying to understand how and why some pay and some don’t. If they don’t have to pay backend, why do any of them do it? Recently I’ve had tons of placements on DIY/Magnolia and HGTV. I know I probably won’t receive much of anything although some shows like Prop Bros do file cue sheets.

    What is the thinking why any of them pay at all if they don’t have to. It seems like an easy way to cut costs. Again, I know this is an old topic but would love some fresh forward thinking insite. Thanks…

    • HGTV and similar networks, food network, DIY etc….I believe they DO pay libraries an annual “blanket license” to get access to the cues under a “direct license” deal. The problem is that the Library/ Music Publisher receives this revenue but does not share this revenue with writers.

      Example: Seemingly, HGTV is exempt from paying ASCAP, SESAC, and BMI music licensing fees to gain access to production music. So they cut a deal directly with the library that may go something like this: For _____________ $ Dollars a year, we (Music Library A for example) will grant you unlimited usage of our catalog for your network shows and programming to use our music as background cues. What is the annual fee? I have know idea…..Could be tens of thousands, could be hundreds of thousands of dollars, but one thing is for sure, LIBRARY or Publisher A, is unable to share that revenue because there are no cue sheets getting filed for some shows.

      Lincoman, I think the reasoning here is that some of these networks are just so small and have such minimal amounts of viewers that it is sort of irrelevant. The competition for eye balls these days is fierce as ever for all media companies.

      Between Netflix, YOUTUBE, TIK TOK, FACEBOOK, REELS, Major Networks like ABC, CBS, NBC, News Stations, Local stations, cable stations, BTN, Discovery, Nat GEO, CNN, FOX,…HBO….etc….etc….consumers and viewers just have so much choice for media entertainment……

      I am giving you my somewhat educated guess as to why certain networks side step the back end obligation with PRO’s and Cue Sheet filings. It drives me nuts too because I see A LOT of Tunesat detections on Food Network, HGTV, etc…etc…

  2. I’d say this is a must watch:

    Todd Brebac, former Executive Vice President and Worldwide Director of Membership for ASCAP and an entertainment law attorney and industry consultant. stated 11:30 in: “In the U.S. 3.1 Billion comes in as revenue to all USA PRO’s:

    Revenue collected by USA PRO’s:

    1. Network TV – $225 Million
    2. Cable TV – $625 Million
    3. Foreign Countires – $775 Million
    4. On Line Streaming – $1 Billion is now the largest source of revenue for the USA PRO’s ! up from 2007 when $55 Million in revenue was generated.


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