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If you are a composer and/or songwriter, please leave your comments and experiences with this company. We want to hear the good as well as the bad! Please rate, from 1 to 10, by clicking on one of the stars. Below is some general information but we make no guarantee of accuracy. Check with the company for all details. Please contact us for any corrections.

URL: http://www.4elementsmusic.com/
Accepting Submissions:Yes
Submit Online:Yes
Submit By Mail:No
Submissions Reviewed:Yes
Types Accepted:Instrumentals
Charge For Submissions:No
Up Front Money:Unknown
Royalty Free:
(non-broadcast use)
(Exclusive, Non, Semi)

(Semi = Free to place on own
but not with another library)
Re-Title: No
Set Own Price:No
Contract Length:Unknown
Payment Schedule:Unknown
License Fee Split:
PRO Split Based on 100%:
or writer)
Requires Licensee To File Cue Sheet:Unknown
Pays On Blanket License:Unknown
YouTube Content ID:
Active Site:Yes

7 thoughts on “4 Elements Music

  1. Would love to get some info about them too – do they pay anything upfront?


  2. Any other word on these folks? Rob Reale was the moderator at the PMA presentation in NYC, seemed like a stand up guy who really cares about the business of production music.

  3. I just contacted them via their contact page and submitted a Soundcloud playlist per their instructions. Now I’ll sit tight and wait for their reply.

  4. I wrote a couple of cues for them. Seems like a very well-run situation, but time will tell.

  5. Trackmaster says:

    Anyone work with these guys? I was offered, but hesitating since it’s exclusive with no up-front. Want to know if it’s worth the risk.

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